Generate sustainable marketing results for your business today

  • Want to grow your business with better marketing, but not sure where to start?
  • Like to know the best way to invest marketing time and money to generate maximum impact?
  • Want to access solid marketing expertise without hiring a full-time marketing director or team?

Twinlife Marketing is the answer

Our team of experienced and passionate marketing consultants has the capability, insight and drive to help you take your business to the next level.

How do we do this?

  • We partner with you to create tailored and practical marketing strategies that align with your business objectives.
  • We transfer our marketing knowledge and skills into your business for long-term sustainability.
  • We deliver what we promise and expertly manage your marketing activities and track results.



Joanne Akkari

General Manager


Joanne Akkari has solid strategic and hands-on experience in corporate and small business marketing for over 14 years. A veteran of internet marketing, Joanne was part of the original online team who grew the Qantas website from its infancy to become Australia’s number one online travel brand and the company’s most important sales and marketing channel.



Kimi Anderson

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Kimi is a seasoned marketing professional and social entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience developing and driving strategy, delivering measurable results, building brands and increasing revenue. Having worked in the tourism, financial services and media industries, she has diverse experience across all areas of marketing and has a proven record of delivering measurable outcomes and a positive return on investment.



Briohny Heggarty

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Briohny is a highly experienced and versatile marketing professional with strong business acumen and expertise in branding, marketing strategy and communications. Her successful 18 year career sees her draw on her broad interests and knowledge to help clients understand the marketing process and work with them to improve business performance and obtain measurable results.



Julie Schoneveld

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Julie is a marketing professional with more than 20 year’s experience working with both large corporate, start-up and small to medium sized businesses. She is a confident marketer who understands the value of developing relationships to drive results helping companies to gain greater value and maximise their return on marketing investment.



Joanne Pan

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Joanne Pan is a results-driven marketer with over 12 years experience in corporate marketing strategy, loyalty marketing, partnership development and marketing communications in various commercial areas of Qantas. She has in-depth understanding of all facets of the marketing process and extensive experience in formulating and delivering customer engagement campaigns, brand extension strategy and tactical implementation.




Dina Cohn

Strategic Marketing Consultant


Dina Cohn is a senior marketing & communications manager with a passion for building brands and solving marketing & business problems in complex environments requiring creativity, resourcefulness and collaboration. She enjoys translating insights into integrated marketing plans to connect brands and customers.




Sasha Reid

Head of Marketing Consulting


Sasha is a dynamic and strategic marketer with over 12 years experience positioning multi-nationals and SMEs at the forefront of the publishing, entertainment, travel and leisure sectors – globally and in Australia. An intuitive communicator, Sasha is able to engage with business owners, senior management, commercial partners and external agencies, and lead teams to achieve ambitious growth plans in challenging, competitive markets.




Sonja van den Bosch

Founder & Managing Director


Sonja van den Bosch, Twinlife Marketing’s energetic founder, is a marketing consultant with more than 16 years of corporate marketing and sales management experience in Europe, Asia, North America, NZ and Australia across a variety of industries. In Europe, Sonja worked as Life Fitness’ marketing director. In her four years in the role, she helped to grow the company’s turnover by 116% and its market share from 17% to 32%.





Outsourced Marketing
Access marketing expertise in ‘bite size chunks’ that will boost your business’ growth.

Marketing Mentoring
Take the lead on marketing with the Twinlife Marketing Mentoring solution.

Marketing Plan
Our Strategic Marketing Plan gives you a clear direction about how best to market your business.

Marketing Workshops
Want to find out more about our marketing approach or whether we are the right fit?

Sonja and her team at Twinlife provide excellent, practical advice that can be implemented by any organisation to improve their internal marketing ability. They take the time to truly understand your business and your goals and gave me the confidence I needed to grow my business in the right direction. Because of Twinlife I now have a clear brand and a marketing strategy to support it. This[…]


Before meeting Sonja we had no marketing expertise and no idea of where or how to invest in our business to best take advantage of opportunities in the market. Working with the Twinlife Marketing team has been a game-changing investment. We are now empowered with the knowledge and confidence we need to position ourselves as leaders in our industry. The Twinlife Marketing approach is very collaborative. They[…]


This is an exciting time for my business as I have made the decision to invest in its growth by engaging the Twinlife Marketing team to develop a Strategic Brand and Marketing Plan.  Not only do I feel confident and comfortable with the Plan they have developed, I have so much more clarity and feel empowered that I can tangibly control and dictate the direction that I wish[…]


WilliamsonLegal is focused on creating satisfied and empowered clients who have knowledge and insight into the legal and strategic options and tools available for the successful management of their workforces. The Twinlife Marketing approach is very much aligned with our values and the team was able to help us achieve our goals by establishing a marketing platform for WilliamsonLegal to build a scalable marketing-oriented business. Our whole[…]

Brian Williamson – Managing Director, WilliamsonLegal

Sonja and her team market from the heart. At the end of the day, people ‘buy’ the people, not the service, and if you’d like to market your wares successfully, you would be well advised to hire Sonja and her team.

Marc Enners – Owner, Red Propaganda

Twinlife Marketing have partnered with TRS and implemented strategies and direction to refine the TRS brand in the market. Offering a full marketing service, implemented by an experienced and professional team of marketers – the Twinlife Marketing team are an integral part of our (TRS) team. The marketing implementation and education by the Twinlife team is exceptional.

Sally Parker – 
Director, Business Resources Tenant Representation Services

We have been getting the highest number of ideal client referrals ever and the momentum is building. This is definitely because of our exposure in the market. When I met Sonja, I remember her saying that a lot of money is wasted on marketing. With Twinlife, every marketing idea is thought through and questioned, and every marketing initiative is measured. After setting up the marketing foundations, Twinlife[…]

Kate Golder – 
Partner and Adviser Affinity Wealth Services

Sonja and her wonderful team at Twinlife Marketing are the experts in their field. We love working with Sonja and her team, making great progress on firmly establishing our brand within the construction industry. Sonja has been a wonderful marketing mentor for us, assisting in creating a solid marketing strategy for the company. We highly value the partnership we have and look forward to continuing our collaboration[…]

Julia Sampo – Establishment Manager Empower Construction

Sonja and her team were not only a pleasure to work with, but the engagement with Twinlife delivered real value to our organisation. Its great to work with people who are not only knowledgeable, but also passionate about their work. When I hear people talking about requiring marketing services I have no hesitation in recommending Sonja.

Martin Archer – CEO The PMO Group

Sometimes words cannot aptly describe ones sentiment. Working with Sonja at Twinlife Marketing gave me my confidence! I have always done my own marketing and I had lost my confidence with all the new technologies and after being in business for some time. The clarification I got in my ideas, how to implement, what to spend my time on, what to spend my money and not losing[…]

Anna Field – Owner The Paddington Beauty Room


Get the best results with full marketing lifecycle management

We focus on full marketing lifecycle management. This means we go from thinking (marketing strategy) to doing (marketing management) to analysing (marketing results). This guarantees the best marketing structure in your business.

We’ll develop a tailored strategic marketing plan with you and will project manage the implementation of the marketing activities that make it up. We’ll also track results and transfer marketing knowledge and skills into your organisation.

Grow your in-house marketing expertise

Our approach is structured, tailor-made and inspiring. What’s more, we share our knowledge and insights with you so that your business can grow its in-house expertise along the way. We don’t believe in holding back information to protect our IP. We will always explain why we do each activity in a certain way and will educate you or your team on how to conduct marketing activities yourself.

Common to everyone who is part of Twinlife Marketing is our desire to deliver genuine, practical and truthful marketing services. We regard is as a real privilege to be welcomed into your business, and to get to know your unique goals and aspirations for it. This is a responsibility we take very seriously – and ever aspect of our service offering is firmly grounded in achieving strong, meaningful results for your business. Transferring marketing knowledge is an important pillar of this.

Benefit from our team’s skills, experience and positive energy

skillsYour business will quickly benefit from the synergy and energy that naturally flows when our team works together. With Twinlife Marketing, you’ll find that we bring teamendous focus to every project we undertake on your behalf. There is no waste, just a powerful return on investment. And while we consider ourselves a part of your team, we also offer a fresh, unbiased perspective that can give you a new way of thinking about challenges and opportunities that come your way.

When we work with you, you’ll find our enthusiasm is contagious and your marketing program will gather real momentum. Every idea and strategy we suggest is always firmly grounded in the practical. We only ever recommend marketing strategies that are realistic and in sync with your brand, style and business objectives. Our advise is always tailor-made, as every business and situation is unique and we dont believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to marketing.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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Early yesterday morning an enthusiastic group of like-minded and passionate business leaders met at the North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club. Not to enjoy a nice surf or swim at Bondi Beach, but to participate in the Bondi Surfside Strategy Snap, facilitated by AltusQ and Twinlife Marketing. By stepping away from their offices into such a relaxed environment, they were inspired to think outside the box without[…]

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