You’ve Got to Have the Guts to Go for It, Recklessly.

by Sonja van den Bosch

You’ve Got to Have the Guts to Go for It, Recklessly.

Mathew Stubbs from Stubbs Design Tribe is an architect unlike any other you will find in the Sydney area. His passion and talent for architecture is surpassed only by his love for the clients he works with.

When asked why he is involved in architecture he says, “I think architecture is the best job in the universe. It has its stressful moments but at the end of the day you are creating a home that people are going to grow up in. It’s going to change the way families live, the way families interact with each other, and the experience guests have being at your home. It’s just full of joy and happiness to be a party in the joint decisions that go into creating something as beautiful as that. “

His most satisfying moments with the business revolve around seeing the final use of the product and working with the amazing team he has put together. ”One of the most satisfying things is when you go back to a house 3 or 4 years after you’ve finished it for a non-architecture related event, like a kids birthday party or a drink and you’re sitting there and people are enjoying it and it’s working.
The success I’ve had in putting together what I think is a really fun team is very satisfying. When I come to work and everybody’s got a smile on their faces and everybody’s happy, as everyone is doing what they love to do.“

The uniqueness and camaraderie of his team is evident as soon as you walk into his office. “I’ve tried to put my team together really carefully and every single person who works here I’ve known for a minimum of six years. It’s a really slow, organic sort of growth. We try to grow in a nice sensible manner where people learn the culture through integration with everyone else, rather than having three new people sitting next to each other. I think that’s that feeling when you walk in the door and everything sort of feels like it’s just right.”

Mathew finds his inspiration in everyday people, rather than architects. “I just find people who are unique and do exactly what they want to do in life inspiring. A business owner is trying to create something that is long term and sustainable is always inspirational.”

His advice for being a truly inspirational person: “The simple fact is it is just believing in what you’re doing. There are so many times when your gut or intuition tells you it’s the right thing and no matter what people tell you, you should need to stick to that. I think that’s what inspirational people are, people who actually believe in themselves rather than believing in what they’re taught. What you’re taught sort of pieces all that together and gives you the knowledge to believe in your intuition but you’ve got to have the guts to go for it, recklessly.”

Mathew has learned a key element of marketing that has helped him stand out among other architects. ”One of the most important things we did with Sonja was identify our target market. You can bang your head on the wall for a million years if you’ve got the wrong client. But, if you’ve got the right client from the start, then the whole process actually makes sense and people do appreciate you and people start referring you and that’s pretty much what our marketing strategy is at the moment, really looking after our target market.

The uniqueness of Mathew’s business is evident in the relationships he has built with his clients. He describes the process saying, “We do architecture differently than most people. We don’t focus on the design awards that we’ve won, but rather on making the architecture work with the life style of our clients and taking them through the whole process from start to finish.”

Mathew is a truly inspirational person not only as an architect with a great deal of passion but as a person working to create relationships that will last a lifetime. He makes the very important point that at the end of the day, the people both inside and outside your business are what really matters.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I have always found Australian architecture boring, over masculine and bland. Some say it is the result of over regulation by government. This then can be applied to greater extent to Australian life.

    So its always great to see some dive in with reckless abandon and challenge conformity like Matty.

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