Your Invitation to Learn Why Virgin Has so Many Start-up Successes

by Sonja van den Bosch

Your Invitation to Learn Why Virgin Has so Many Start-up Successes

Find an invite to an exciting event featuring Brad Rosser, Sir Richard Bransons right hand man for start ups.

Sign up now, it only costs $40.00 and is an excellent informative evening and loads of fun.

As a special offer Brad has supplied me with 5 free tickets, so get in fast. I am going to give them to the first five who provide a compelling reason why you want to join Brad on this special event. Sign up here and I look forward to seeing you there.

Brad was Head of Corporate Development for Virgin worldwide during the pivotal years that Sir Richard Branson dramatically expanded the Virgin Group. As Sir Richard’s right hand man for start-ups, Brad’s role was to decide which new businesses Virgin should enter and then ensure that the new ventures survived and prospered. Brad was responsible for the launch of new ventures including Virgin Active, Virgin Money, and Virgin Vie, amongst others.

Brad RosserSince leaving Virgin, Brad has become a successful serial entrepreneur, who has raised more than $1 billion in funding for start-ups and most recently he has founded the BetterStrongerFaster group.

Brad’s knowledge and expertise about launching new ventures (including securing funding) and profitably growing businesses is second to none.

Brad is a truly inspirational person, as he constantly challenges the status quo and thinks outside the box. He is also very generous in sharing his knowledge and experience with other entrepreneurs and business people.

At this event, you will learn Brad’s unique and proven techniques to:
  • Ensure your business is ‘bulletproof’
  • Learn the secrets of getting your start-up funded
  • Understand the ‘survival techniques’ and avoid the pitfalls that destroy many start-ups
  • Drive sales to generate positive cash flow from the outset
  • Develop a valuable brand and how to use your brand as a weapon to drive profits to a new level
  • Build a business that can be sold for a massive premium

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Sydney event on Tuesday night 14th of August.

You can book your seats here for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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