You don’t Need to Have Much Money to be Rich

by Sonja van den Bosch

You don’t Need to Have Much Money to be Rich

4-hour work weekOne of my favourite books is the 4-hour workweek from Tim Ferris. It is not about getting rich quickly without doing anything, but it is about designing your life to suit your needs and passions. I really appreciate Tim Ferris’s view of the world and his gusto to constantly challenge the status quo and try new things. This is what makes life exciting.

Tim talks about the ‘New Rich’ concept, which is not about how much money you have in your bank account, or how much money you earn with your job, but it is about having the freedom to decide what you are doing with your most valuable asset, your time.

In his book, Tim talks about him being afraid of becoming the big, fat old man in a Mercedes, who has lost all the joy in life and is waiting for his retirement to kick in. Instead of this, Tim vouches for a better life style and more enjoyment NOW and sees boredom as the biggest enemy.

It is about being creative and doing things in a different way, so that we can escape the rat race. Are there countries in the world where your currency is worth more? Are there ways that you can combine travel or family life with work, especially nowadays with all the modern communication technologies? Is there a way to create a passive income stream? Are there any activities in your life that you can outsource?

Milka cuddling a cheetah in South Africa

It is possible for everyone and it is about setting the right priorities. A very good example of living this philosophy is my cousin Milka. After saving every penny for almost a year, she recently travelled around Australia, New Zealand and South Africa on her own, having the time of her life. It was her first big trip outside Europe and when she stayed with us, only after 10 days of travelling, she told us that it was the best thing she had ever done.

We saw Milka in the Netherlands the week she got back from her travels and she had already started to plan her next trip. Instead of getting a nice house and nice furniture (as was her plan before her travels), she had now decided to save for another year and come back down under to do some more travelling, as well as trying to find work, so that she can combine her new found passion for travel with living in another country.

Although this example might not be relevant to you, for me the main message out of the 4 hour work week is about ensuring that you are truly enjoying what you are doing and are opening up your mind for out of the box opportunities. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

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