You can Change the World with a Picture, Definitely

by Sonja van den Bosch

You can Change the World with a Picture, Definitely

Chris Shain and Stephen Antonopoulos are two amazing photographers who are truly inspiring people. This dynamic duo started Images for Business, a photography company that crafts high quality business images using a skilled and creative perspective that can only come from true natural talent and a love of photography.

I recently interviewed these business partners on their inspiration for both photography as an art and its role in crafting a successful business.

Image by Chris Shain

Chris and Stephen are very passionate about their work and take great pride in each and every project they are involved in. The first inquiry I had for them was their inspiration behind doing what they do. Chris responded in saying “We both really enjoy taking pictures and telling stories through pictures. I also feel a social responsibility to document the world. A lot of photographers see the world with different eyes; I enjoy that and feel an artist responsibility to document things and to do it well. You can change the world with a picture, definitely. There are, every day, images that change things, so the inspiration is sometimes knowing or thinking, wishing, hoping that the images I make will change the way people think. That’s inspiring. I just look back to my mentor David Moore, a well-known Australian photographer.”

Stephen describes his most satisfying moment with his business saying, “I think it’s always satisfying exceeding your clients expectations. We’ve had these few major clients come from just web searches and in terms of working with Twinlife Marketing that was pretty impressive. I had no idea how you actually would ever get work from a website.”
Chris continued, “In recent times its been very satisfying to get to see results coming from non-aggressive marketing. Our focus has been on building meaningful relationships with our clients and prospects by communicating with them on a personal level.

Chris’ passion for his work is undeniable. His advice for being a truly inspirational person is being truly passionate about whatever it is you are doing. “I also think that it’s important to have other people to bounce ideas off and stay open-minded, while still staying focused. Another thing that gets inspiration going is questioning things. Looking for answers. You may never be an aircraft mechanic or an aerodynamics designer but it is kind of intriguing to think ‘how does that plane work?”

Stephen’s advice for being an inspirational person is appreciating the job for all that it is. He explained, “We spend a lot of time not dealing with cameras and taking pictures so I really try to appreciate the time I have with my camera. As for marketing it is all about being disciplined and keeping on track. I always find it inspirational when we stick to a schedule and see the results.”

I feel privileged to help people as passionate as Chris and Stephen with their marketing, as it makes my job more meaningful. To see Chris and Stephen’s work, please visit

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Inspirational marketing is about being true to yourself, being aligned with your core values and doing something you truly believe in and are passionate about. It is about creating meaningful relationships with everyone you encounter. It is about thoughts from the heart.

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