Why ‘Why’ is More Important than ‘What’?

by Sonja van den Bosch

Why ‘Why’ is More Important than ‘What’?

Great marketing starts with having clarity. Clarity about the product or service that you offer, clarity about your target market, clarity about how you set yourself apart, but most importantly clarity about WHY you do what you do.

When we do marketing strategy sessions with our clients we always ask them ‘Why do you do what you do?’ This question is often much harder to answer than ‘What do you do?’

Knowing why you do what you do is very powerful, as it gives you very useful insights and a big competitive advantage. It is about putting soul, passion and purpose into your business. Why does your business exist, why do you get out of bed every morning and why should anyone care?

People don’t buy from you because of what you do, but because of why you do it.

In the video below Simon Sinek explains that all great and inspiring leaders and businesses, no matter how big or small, all think, act and communicate in exactly the same, focusing on the WHY, before the HOW and the WHAT.

Here is an example of how we’ve changed our communication for Twinlife Marketing.

Twinlife Marketing communicating traditionally via WHAT – we don’t do this anymore.

  • WHAT: We help SME’s getting better results from their marketing.
  • HOW: We develop a marketing strategy and plan for them and then help them with the implementation, track results and transfer marketing IP an knowledge into the business.

Are you interested?

Twinlife Marketing communicating via WHY – this is the way to do it.

  • WHY: We believe that SME businesses deserve access to great marketing expertise, even though they often can’t afford an experienced, full-time marketing director and in-house marketing team.
  • HOW: We work together in partnership with our clients, helping them develop the right marketing strategy and plan, managing the implementation of all marketing activities, tracking results and transferring marketing IP and Knowledge into the business, empowering them to understand the marketing process and get results.
  • WHAT: We are the outsourced part-time marketing team for SME’s .

Are you interested? If you would like to find out more please visit www.twinlifemarketing.com.au

As you can see from the example above the WHY communication is much stronger than the WHAT communication.

See the video below for the full story and an example of how Apple communicates via WHY, HOW and WHAT. It is definitely worth it.

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