Why I Love Mentoring

by Sonja van den Bosch

Why I Love Mentoring

Uplifting people and helping them do things that they thought were impossible, scary, and out of their reach, is what drives me. The other day I was in a mentoring session with one of my beautiful clients, a female tech entrepreneur, who in the middle of the session said to me:

‘I always feel so alive and inspired when I have my sessions with you. You always give me direction and I know exactly what to do next. You truly have a gift of communication.’

That comment touched me deeply. I always thought that because getting the best out of people comes so natural to me and feels so easy, it is not really that special…until someone pointed it out to me.

Finding our true gifts

It made me realise that our true gifts feel most natural and bring us the most joy. Every time I am mentoring someone, whether it be a business owner, a marketing manager, or another leader, I am having the time of my life. I love looking at things from different perspectives, reading in between the lines, picking up on what’s unspoken, opening up opportunities and stretching someone’s perspective. Simply said, I have a very curious mind and love asking really good questions.

the purpose of life is to find your gift. the purpose of life is to give it away.

I’ve also been extremely lucky myself that very early on in my career, I landed a boss, who was just the best mentor and to this day I still turn to him from time to time. He constantly pushed me out of my comfort zone and always had this innate belief in me. It’s a very powerful combination.  

I was part of a winning team. The company grew, we became the market leader and with that I grew as a person and my boss really enjoyed the experience as well. It truly was a win, win, win situation. To this day I am grateful for this massive head start, shortly after graduating with my MBA from Maastricht University. University was great for the theoretical background and the critical way of thinking, however I learned far more from my boss/mentor on the job.

The value of a great mentor

There is so much value in having someone around that pushes you and makes you better day in day out. Even after many years of experience, I am still far from perfect and there is still so much potential for growth (it’s what makes life exciting as well). That’s where great mentors come in.

Sharing our true gifts

This experience early on in my career also led me to truly enjoy now giving back this gift of mentoring people, marketing managers, business owners and non-marketers that we easily turn into marketing hero’s. No matter what company we work with, there is always an element of mentoring included. I am always trying to look for the win, win, win situation and empowerment is definitely part of that.

We often start with the technical marketing aspects and the tactics of how to do things better and why. However, the journey gets far more interesting when we get to the next stage of them doing a fantastic marketing job and bringing them up to the next level of leadership.

5 things I most love about mentoring

  • I love being a sounding board that doesn’t just tell people what to do but let them explore the best options themselves by asking the right questions. In this way there is personal buy-in, which goes a long way.
  • I love how easily people open up to me and without any hesitation are vulnerable about their fears and insecurities. It’s the best opportunity to help them get stronger, re-energise them, and make them feel more confident.
  • I love it when people get to do things they thought they never were able to do and at the same time build a whole lot of respect in the wider organisation.
  • I love it when there is a win, win, win situation with the person growing and the company clearly benefiting from this person’s growth. And me truly enjoying what I am doing.
  • Most of all though, I love it that the impact of my work goes further than their work life, it often has a profound impact on their personal life as well.

Twinlife Marketing’s main focus with marketing is around relationship building in a truly authentic way, both internally as externally. To me that is what marketing is all about and I believe that this is also what life is all about. We are meant to communicate, co-create, and enjoy with others and the way we build and nurture those relationships determines the quality of our lives.

My sincere gratitude

I am really grateful for all the marketing managers, business owners and leaders who allowed and trusted me to mentor them over the past 12.5 years with Twinlife Marketing. You know who you are and now you also know how much joy you are giving me. I keep getting inspired and learn so much from working with each and every one of you.

If you are interested in marketing mentorship or leadership support, please feel free to get in contact.


You really do uplift everyone you come into contact with Sonja. You inner nature is absolutely of deep wisdom, that gives you a powerful strength that can afford to be gentle. “You are the sunshine of my life” is definitely your song. Natalie Almond

Lovely article Sonja. Karen Anderson

Hi Sonja, I can fully relate to this article. To be honest, to be consulted is flattering. For someone to value your insights & for your guidance to help create traction for others… that makes me feel worthwhile. I was paying forward with thanks to those who had mentored and guided me. Therein lies the bigger impact. Most recently, after 5 long years, my friend became a lawyer. She (we) had to navigate numerous and significant obstacles along the way… including her own anxieties. She did all the hard work but I felt so proud of her. Along the way, she was President of the Law Society and after graduation landed a role supporting two judges in the Family Law court. The art of giving lies in momentum you can create. She, in turn, is now mentoring her younger sister who is inspired by her big sister’s success. Every action carries the seed of momentum. Ralph Dahmen

Thank you Sonja, nice start to the day to read your beautiful newsletter. Jacqui Ingram

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