Who’s behind the click?

by Sonja van den Bosch

Who’s behind the click?

When doing marketing it is key to track your results. You want to be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities and naturally want to know your return on investment. Luckily nowadays we are able to track our marketing efforts much better, especially with all the online tools that we have available.

The marketing information that we can get via Google Analytics, which is a free online tool that measures everything that happens on your website, is invaluable. We do not only know where our visitors are coming from, either direct, via the search engines or via referring sites, but we also know which pages they visit, how much time they spent on the website, where they leave the website, how many conversions we have, what keywords they are searching for etc. This shows you exactly what is working and what is not working not only on your website, but also in the rest of your marketing activities.

The same counts for any email system that shows you who opens your email communication, when, how many times, which links they click on etc. This is extremely valuable marketing information that helps you improve your marketing campaigns.

It is important though to always analyse the data, compare it month on month or year on year and look into it closer when something irregular happens.

Here is a very funny video that my colleague Gina Hill shared with me that demonstrates the importance of looking behind the numbers and the clicks. Enjoy!

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