Digital Marketing

How is your digital marketing performing?

Most businesses are running some digital marketing activity, whether it is using social media, email marketing and lead generation, or redesigning their website. Often, however, the results are mixed, unsuccessful, or simply unknown.

Are you currently active with digital but unsure of the results? Or frustrated with all the choices and don’t know which channels to pursue?


Results without burning the budget

With over 20 years immersed in the digital world, our senior team will develop a practical strategy and an action plan that is cost-effective with measurable results.

Considering the entire customer journey, your digital marketing strategy will not stand-alone. We take a human-to-human approach, putting the customer at the centre of every decision and touch point, while ensuring that your strategy will align to your business goals.

We will help you gain clarity and define your:

  • Business objectives
  • Audience
  • Messaging
  • Channels
  • Content

Our team will ensure that the right activities are planned and actioned, and the results are tracked and measured. The valuable insights we gain are then driven back into the strategy to keep improving results.

Client Stories

Twinlife Marketing has turned my business around by developing an online marketing strategy that is really working for us. We now have a website that is SEO optimised and is driving qualified traffic as well as generating 5 to 10 qualified enquiries per day. I am very happy about this!”
Graham Monro, Managing Director GM Photographics

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