Brand & Marketing Strategy

Gain clear direction on how to best market your business

Our marketing consultants will help you develop the right strategy to reach your objectives, including a focused and practical action plan.


A Brand & Marketing Strategy is valuable if you and your business need to:

  • Define your unique position in the market,
  • Understand your ideal clients and how to reach them,
  • Gain clarity on your messaging to stand out from the competition and cut through a crowded market.

Our Brand & Marketing Strategy service is completely tailored to each unique situation (both b2b marketing & b2c marketing) and combines your business knowledge with our marketing knowledge and your staff and clients’ insights.

Through a series of collaborative workshops and research conducted by our Sydney consultants team, the strategy covers the complete marketing mix. The strategy identifies on which areas to focus your time and resources – from research, messaging and branding, to digital, social, website, email, print advertising, and PR.

Your tailored Brand & Marketing Strategy will give you clarity on your:

  • Business overview including your vision, mission, values as well as your history, your purpose and your business objectives.
  • Market overview including SWOT analysis, products & services overview, target market segmentation, competitor overview, and seasonal calendar.
  • Brand architecture including differentiation, positioning, core value proposition, and key marketing messages.
  • Marketing strategies and initiatives including marketing actions, campaigns, marketing calendar, budget and resources (b2b marketing & b2c marketing).

If you want to learn more about the benefits of our brand & marketing strategy service, please call us on 1300 895 173. 

We are based in Sydney, however, work throughout Australia and International.


Client Stories

It’s great when a plan starts to come together and produce the results we were all anticipating. The Twinlife Marketing team have given us the clarity and direction we needed, and their excellent work so far is already showing exciting results. Empowering us to grow into new markets, our marketing strategy is vindication of our commitment to invest in this vital aspect of our business and an awesome way to dive into the next stage of implementation. It’s been a great journey so far.”
Shane Conlon, Managing Director, NTS Australia

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