What I learned in Africa

by Sonja van den Bosch

What I learned in Africa

One of the best things that traveling brings is a different perspective. Being in a new environment opens your mind and makes you look at things with fresh eyes.

Recently, my family and I traveled through South Africa, avoiding the big cities and spending most of our time in stunning nature.

Next to great memories, the biggest gift I brought home were the following 5 valuable lessons.

1. Nature inspires and is always available to us

Connecting with nature made me feel calm and grounded, very quickly. It was a real luxury to be in the bush without internet or mobile connection. Everything calmed down in my head and before I knew it, and without pushing it, creativity kicked in and some great ideas came bubbling to the surface.

It emphasised the importance of spending time in nature, which luckily is free and always available to us.

2. with the flow creates the best experience

It’s exciting to go on game drives, early in the morning or late afternoon, and sometimes you have expectations of what animals you will or want to see. Obviously, you can’t force nature and you never know what you’ll encounter. By setting our expectations aside and by just going with the flow, I learned that we were able to make every game drive (whether we saw a lot of animals or not) fun and memorable.

It once again showed me the power of living intentionally in the moment instead of being attached to a certain outcome.

3. Animals show us the strength of working together

Did you know that giraffes and zebras are often seen together, because they use each other’s strengths to protect themselves from predators? Giraffes have great eyesight and of course a long neck so they can see a long way, whereas zebras can smell very well. Another clever lesson from nature about the power of team work.

‘Stronger Together’ is the core of Twinlife Marketing, as we believe in that two marketing heads (or more!) are better than one. It also allows us to hone in on our individual strengths, as well as cover the complete spectrum of marketing specialties.

4. Stepping out of the comfort zone is fun

You know how as kids we used to give everything a go? And you know how as adults we sometimes seem to get more rigid and even scared to do something new? Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always feared riding a horse. This journey I had the opportunity to overcome this fear, as my cousin Freya runs horse riding tours in St Lucia. I focused on just giving it a go and relaxing and before I knew it my fear had gone, and I was having a great time. Riding amongst the zebras, wildebeest and warthogs was quite special too.

It taught me again that life really starts at the end of your comfort zone. Giving things a go, doing new things that might seem a bit scary in the beginning can give us a real sense of aliveness and bring us great joy.

5. Trusted advice pays off – always!

We travelled with Tailormade Safaris, a boutique safari/ tour operating company, that my cousin Freya and her husband Geert set up about 9 years ago after they moved from the Netherlands to South Africa. As they are experts in their field and because I really connected with their travel values of authentic, off the beaten track experiences and boutique accommodation where you feel more like family than a guest, I trusted them completely. Of course, I could have organised everything myself, as all the information is available online, but it would have cost me a whole lot of time and we wouldn’t have had the same great experience (we would have made quite a few rookie mistakes, I am sure of that). It was so nice to be in such good hands before, during and even after our journey.

It showed me the value of working with trusted professionals who are passionate about what they do. The same counts for what we do in marketing. You can find everything online: all kinds of marketing templates, marketing tutorials and videos, you name it. But where do you start and what do you do and how do you make sure you don’t make the rookie mistakes that can cost you a lot of time and money? Like a tour operator, we absolutely love leading our clients through their marketing journey ensuring that they have a smart strategic brand & marketing plan as well as guiding them through their marketing implementation that leads them to their desired outcomes.

If you are interested in having the Twinlife Marketing team as your marketing guide on your 2018 marketing journey, please get in contact with me. We have many different options available.


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  1. Great reminder Sonja to “go with the flow”
    We do tend to overthink and over – everything !

  2. You are so right Sally…now we just have to hold on to that ‘going with the flow’ for the rest of the year 🙂

  3. Some great analogies to how we operate and how we can trust ourselves to do better. Sometimes by getting the professionals in, a whole experience is improved. Are the rewards what you currently have or what you will receive?

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