Want to know what questions to ask your target market? Listen to your kids!

by Sonja van den Bosch

Want to know what questions to ask your target market? Listen to your kids!

As we all know kids love to ask questions and drill down to the essence of things. Why this? Why that? How come? But why? It sometimes drives us parents crazy, but it also teaches us a really good marketing lesson. The better you understand your target market the better you can connect with this target market, which results in the most effective way of marketing.

The American company Infochimps playfully compares the questions that business owners and marketing people ask themselves to questions that children ask their parents. For example when a child asks ‘where do babies come from?’ it is compared to the business question ‘where do leads come from?’ it is key for the business as well as the child to get a truthful and correct answer to this question. I also like the example of a child questioning ‘which parent is likely to remove my iPad privileges when I am bad?’ compared to a business thinking about which customers are more ‘at risk’ of terminating their subscription? In both instances it is key info to have as you can then adjust your actions accordingly. And last but not least, I like the example of competition ‘why is my competitor’s campaign kicking my butt?’ and in the eyes of a child the question will be ‘Why does my sister get everything she wants?’.

This has definitely inspired me to listen to my kids questions with more interest and try to learn even more from them.

Here is the full overview for you to enjoy:



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