by Sonja van den Bosch



The United Supreme Grand Chapter of Mark and Royal Arch Masons of NSW and ACT (USGC) has a membership of approximately 1,400 Companions. The USGC is dedicated to promoting and assisting Craft Masons to complete their journey in ‘pure Ancient Masonry’. The Order’s activities and events are colourful and interesting, and USGC Companions are typically engaged with Masonic life.

The Challenge

The USGC approached Twinlife Marketing to help bring their Strategic Plan to life. Their very progressive leadership team believed that marketing would be the main driver to reach the following objectives:
– Lift the general profile of the USGC
– Get new Companions on board
– Create better engagement with existing Companions
– Promote the stunning Egyptian Room

The Solution

The USGC decided  to work with Twinlife Marketing, because of the focus on transferring marketing skills into the USGC and because of their practical marketing system that included the tracking of marketing results.

  • The Twinlife Marketing team worked together with the USGC leadership team to develop the strategic marketing plan, as well as the positioning of ‘Completing the journey – learn, be valued, enjoy’ as the theme for the Order. This has now been integrated in all marketing materials. We also decided to open up as much information as possible to the general public to create more brand awareness, which has proven to be very effective.
  • Twinlife Marketing has created a website that is working as a true marketing machine. It is constantly the no 1 ranking Masonic website in Australia and in the top 5% worldwide. This website has increased the profile of USGC immensely and everybody is trying to copy what we’ve done. The USGC team is trained in how to make changes and additions to the website, so that they can keep the content relevant and fresh.
  • Twinlife Marketing was integral in launching this new website to our Companions. The new website and marketing strategy around it were presented to our Companions at our Annual General Meeting in the Egyptian Room.
  • Twinlife Marketing has helped us to truly move into the new way of communication. We now have a very strong profile on social media, especially on Facebook and constantly engage with our followers. We also have our electronic communication with our Companions set up, so that we can effectively communicate with them, which has helped increase their engagement.
  • Twinlife Marketing has helped us to create consistency in all the marketing activities we do creating a consistent on brand message and look and feel.
  • Twinlife Marketing has created a marketing plan for the promotion of our very unique Egyptian Room that we’ll start implementing once our renovations are complete. Because we have the marketing system set up within our business, we can bold this on to what we are already doing.
  • Twinlife Marketing has continuously educated the leadership team about the why’s and how’s of certain marketing activities and how they all fit together. This has been extremely useful and powerful in the exciting journey that we’ve gone through together. We now have a marketing system in place that we can work ourselves, which is very exciting.

The Result

We’ve increased our profile more than we had hoped for. We are constantly being congratulated by other masonic orders for what we’ve done and our website is constantly ranking no 1 of all Masonic websites in Australasia and in the top 5% worldwide.

We’ve created a strong engagement with our existing Companions and are getting ongoing enquiries from new Companions that are looking to join.

The Twinlife Marketing team has lifted the marketing intelligence in our order, which is invaluable for the long-term success of our marketing actions.

Client Testimonial

We engaged Twinlife Marketing to help us bring our Strategic Plan to life. We knew that Marketing would be an important driver, but we had no idea how to go about it. We chose to work with Twinlife Marketing, because of their practical no nonsense marketing approach and their focus on transferring marketing knowledge to us. After having worked with Twinlife Marketing for 12 months, I can say that it has been a very interesting and rewarding journey. The Twinlife Marketing team members are knowledgeable, reliable (they say what they do and they do what they say), but most of all extremely passionate in sharing their marketing expertise with us. They have helped us increase our profile immensely, much more than I had ever hoped for. They have helped us move into the new communication era and we are now all extremely confident in digital marketing from websites to social media to email communication. We have a system that we can work ourselves and will keep bringing us value for a long time to come. We have really enjoyed working with the team at Twinlife Marketing and we look forward to keep associated with them for a long time to come. We would highly recommend anyone that wants results from their marketing efforts, to talk to Sonja and her team.

Ted Keenahan
IP First Grand Principal & Grand Master USGC

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