Twinlife Marketing helps Tecpro achieve 54 per cent lift in sales

by Sonja van den Bosch

Twinlife Marketing helps Tecpro achieve 54 per cent lift in sales

Strong marketing and communications will help a business reach its full potential. Unfortunately, a lack of strategic marketing expertise prevents many businesses from achieving all they can.

Graeme Cooper from Tecpro Australia doesn’t have this problem. Four years ago Tecpro engaged Twinlife Marketing to help prioritise and steer his marketing activities.

“Our marketing used to be done on a reactive, ad hoc basis and what we were doing wasn’t really targeted,” said Mr Cooper. “Since working with Twinlife Marketing, we now have a clear strategy and a practical communications plan in place that’s generating consistent results.”

Mr Cooper said a major shift has been that Tecpro now receives qualified leads without having to chase them. “Our leads have increased fourfold through the integrated marketing approach that Twinlife Marketing has developed,” he said. “Even more importantly, total sales have increased by 54%. They have transformed our business.”

Twinlife Marketing, led by Sonja van den Bosch, has helped Tecpro to have structured, planned and well-directed marketing and communication in place. They helped identify an effective and integrated mix of marketing activities which included branding, websites, online marketing, direct and database marketing, public relations, tradeshows, customer communication, advertising, promotion, implementing a system to thoroughly track all enquiries, and showed Tecpro how to use its CRM system more fully and effectively, the way it is meant to be used.

“The Twinlife Marketing team are time and budget conscious and are focused on getting the highest return on investment for us,” said Mr Cooper. “I know I can rely on Sonja and her team and so I don’t need to worry about the outcome. It is a real pleasure to work with such passionate marketing experts, who are genuinely caring and ethical people.”

For the Twinlife Marketing team, the feeling is mutual. “We thoroughly enjoy working with everyone at Tecpro, so much so that we feel that we’re part of their team,” said Ms van den Bosch. “We get a lot of satisfaction from sharing our marketing knowledge and working together to produce amazing results and business growth for them.”

If you want to find out more about how your business can benefit from working with Twinlife Marketing, please email me.

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