Top 10 worldwide Marketing trends 2013

by Sonja van den Bosch

Top 10 worldwide Marketing trends 2013

At this time of the year I love reading all the marketing and consumer trend spotting reports for the upcoming year. Although the marketing trends don’t dramatically change from year to year, they’ll evolve and sharpen or can be used in a different way. As a business it is always good to know about these trends and use them to your best advantage.

New York agency JWT specialises in trend spotting and releases a very comprehensive report every year. It is the best one I found.

Here is their top 10 marketing trends for 2013

1. A happier and healthier lifestyle
Happiness and health are linked together. You need one to have the other and vice versa. People like companies and brands that can help generate health and happiness. I like this trend, bring on the balance between exercising, enjoying healthy & nice food, spending quality time with friends and family, working hard and relaxation.

2. Private spaces
In a world that is becoming less and less private, because of social media, people are longing for more and more privacy again. Will we be able to sit in restaurants again and really enjoy without the distractions of mobile devices???

3. The power of brand advocates
With people more and more sharing their opinions online and people getting more accustomed to searching for testimonials online, brand advocates become even more important for business. I believe that every business should start their marketing plan with a brand advocate strategy as a first step.

4. Shop anytime, anywhere
With online shopping becoming more mainstream thanks to mobile technology, businesses need to get increasingly creative about how and where they sell their products. This trend is turning the retail world upside down, but I believe that every business should at least ask the question whether there is an opportunity for them to sell something online as well.

5. Sensory experiences
Engagement of the senses (sounds, lights or smells) become more and more important in products and experiences, because of the vast amount of people living in a virtual world. I am not really sure about this one, as I have zip experience in the virtual world.

6. The evolvement of mobile devices
Consumers surveyed in the US and UK were open to use their smartphone as a digital wallet, 64% were willing to use it to track aspects of health and 48% to use it as a key. This will be a very interesting trend to watch, as I find it already amazing how mobile devices in general have changed our communication habits.

7. Predictive personalisation
More and more data gathering and analysis will be done, which then results in more targeted marketing messages. As an example British retailer Tesco started including beer coupons to its first-time buyers of nappies. New dads don’t have time to go the pub, so Tesco figured that this target market needs to buy their beer at the supermarket. I am a strong believer in gathering relevant data and using this to your best advantage.

8. Intelligent objects
More and more products are becoming high tech. The key will be to make the technology invisible and design it around the consumer needs for a seamless integration into the person’s life. I think that this trend kicked off with the super easy to use iPhone.

9. Reducing stress
As we are living in a super-stress era and stress gets more widely recognised as a medical concern, products and services that reduce stress are in demand. Love it, bring on more and more people enjoying meditation and yoga.

10. Unstructured playtime for adults
This trend goes against the go-go mentality and shows that adults need time to play and have time to recharge the batteries if they want to grow and be creative. I love this trend and try to live without a watch during holidays and the weekends, which feels great (when it happens).

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about these trends for 2013.
If you want to read the full report, please click here.

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