Three Gifts…

by Sonja van den Bosch

Three Gifts…

February is always a special time for me. It is the month that I founded Twinlife Marketing, now 8 years ago. It is the month where I take time to reflect on the journey so far and check in whether my love for Twinlife Marketing is still going strong.

As I look back on the crazy, wonderful and sometimes challenging learning experience that building Twinlife Marketing has been, a lot of great memories, learnings and stories come to mind. I would like to share with you the three biggest gifts (or learnings) I’ve received.

The gift of connectedness

One of the biggest gifts that Twinlife Marketing has brought me has been the gift of connectedness with other people. People buy from people, people do business with people they like, people work with people they love spending time with.

I keep coming back to Sir Richard Branson’s quote:

‘A business is simply an idea to make other people’s lives better’.

By focusing on this, your own life will get a whole lot better as well. I am very lucky that through Twinlife Marketing I’ve not only met amazing people who have enriched my life, but have been able to form many deep business relationships and friendships.

The gift of empowerment

I’ve learned that you can’t do it on your own and that you need to develop a passionate team around you, with people who share the same values but have complimentary skills to yourself. It meant that I had to have a good, hard look at myself and accept my own strengths and weaknesses, being open and transparent about them, and giving other people the opportunity to shine.

Letting go has probably been the hardest, but also most satisfying, learning experience so far. For a little while I felt like the child that was left out in the playground, but then I realised that my ego was in the way and that I was the only one who could change this. I dropped my ego and stopped being controlling and focused on empowering people.

After setting clear goals and expectations, I now feel very proud that our leadership team makes decisions, manages relationships, is constantly looking at improvements and puts processes in place.

The gift of personal growth

Do you want to grow as a person? Just start your own business: you’ll very quickly get to know yourself, whether you like it or not. Once I realised that it all starts with me and how I show up each day, each day has become an opportunity to be the creator of my own future.

I’ve learned to become more patient and slow things down, as well as taking the time to go inwards for answers. Our mind is a wonderful tool, but there is also a lot of wisdom in our intuition or our inner voice. Learning to listen to this inner voice has made me more present, more relaxed and at ease with what is. It has taken away the stress of wanting to be somewhere or wanting to do something.

What’s next?

As I am looking into the future I am asking myself the following questions: Am I excited? YES! Am I determined? YES! Do I have any idea what the next 8 years will bring? YES and NO.

I know that our core purpose will stay the same: work-life balance while growing as marketers and people – it is all about connectedness to help people thrive and shine.

We have a very strong team and have a very clear purpose and direction. However, as we are living in an ever-changing world, we must stay open for the next new interesting challenges and opportunities.

I am looking forward to the next steps on the journey. My goal for this year is to become the best leader and relationship manager both in my professional and personal life and to really let the Twinlife Marketing team shine.

What are the gifts that your business has brought to you? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Denis Riley says:

    Hi Sonja
    I’m halfway through your other gift, “The Leader Who Had No Title” and I have been motivated and engaged.
    Of course it’s about personal development and leading yourself and others to the rest of your life.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Sonja,

    First of all congratulations with TwinLife’s 8th anniversary.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas/thoughts with me. Wow. I can tell you – you have developed yourself into a fantastic person that is inspiring others while helping the businesses that you work with become more successful by supporting them with Marketing Solutions.

    I am reading a very interesting book that you will like “bringing strategy back” How strategic shock absorbers make planning relevant in a world of constant change. Author: Jeffrey Sampler.

    Thanks for being who you are.

    Warm regards.


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