What do you think of our new website?

by Sonja van den Bosch

What do you think of our new website?

For a while I’ve been feeling like the plumber with the leaking tap. Why do we never have time, or I should rephrase that, make the time to work on our own projects? Maybe because it is ten times harder to do something for ourselves. We are too close to it and are too emotionally attached.

Luckily I have a team of great marketers around me and a couple of months ago I decided to enlist Joanne’s help for this website project. It felt so great to have my own outsourced marketing consultant to guide me through, give me an outside perspective and keep me and the developers on track.

We’ve kept our branding and our main look and feel, but have made quite a few other improvements.

Our website is now mobile friendly…finally
With the increased usage of tablets and mobile phones, it is key to have a website that displays well on all different devices. I’ve been annoyed with myself for not having a mobile friendly website, especially the last 12 months or so, but luckily we are there now. I personally also really like the clean and simple design that comes with mobile compatible websites.



We’ve incorporated video
With the great help of Caroline and her team from Your Film, we’ve created an intro video for the homepage. Videos are being used more and more in online marketing, as they work. It gives you a chance to bring across your message in sound and visuals, which has a higher impact. 80% of online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read the content.


We’ve integrated our inspirational marketing blog
Having our Inspirational Marketing blog separate from the Twinlife Marketing website seemed a great idea when we launched about 3 years ago and it also initially was. However as time went by, I felt that it needed to be streamlined and pulled together, especially as it also created confusion in the market. This means that all communication will now come via Twinlife Marketing.

Our team has been highlighted even more
As I am very proud of the people that are part of our team and as we are in a people’s business (like most businesses, as people prefer to do business with people they like), we’ve highlighted our team even more. We now have rotating bios of all our team members on the homepage linking through to a full team bio page.

Naturally we also have a very easy to use content management system behind our website, so that we can easily make updates or changes and add or delete pages.

I invite you to have a look around our new website and please feel free to email me any feedback.


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Inspirational marketing is about being true to yourself, being aligned with your core values and doing something you truly believe in and are passionate about. It is about creating meaningful relationships with everyone you encounter. It is about thoughts from the heart.

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