The marketing power of 3

by Sonja van den Bosch

The marketing power of 3

Great communication follows certain universal principles that work. One of those principles is the power of 3. Why is three so effective in communication?

Three gives us a good amount of choice
Three gives people choice, but not too many choices. It gives us the chance to select exactly what is right for us without it being too big or too small. That’s why often when a business offers 3 different packages, like for example silver, gold and platinum the middle one is the best seller.

Three is easy to remember
The brain is at ease with remembering 3 things. For some reason it is a comfortable number for the brain to understand, absorb and remember, whereas it becomes harder from 4 onwards. This is important information to take into account when developing your marketing communications. Try to limit your marketing message to 3 key elements that are the most important to you. Many things in our lives are organised in three components:

  • In sporting competitions, there are 3 medals: gold, silver and bronze
  • When categorizing leads, we often put them in 3 categories: hot, warm and cold
  • Every good workout consists of 3 elements: warm-up, training and cooling down
  • From a timing perspective there is a past, present and future
  • A triangle consists of 3 sides, creating the most stable shape

By using the power of 3 your marketing message will be much tighter, more professional, but most importantly be more easily remembered by your target market.

Full Marketing Lifecycle Management

At Twinlife Marketing, we use the power of three to explain our full marketing lifecycle management system, consisting of strategy, management and results. We first think, then we do and ultimately we analyse.

Three has the best composition
When designing an ad, website or brochure, a good designer will visually use the rule of thirds in the composition. Furthermore, every effective marketing piece consists of a headline, the body text and then a call to action.

Have a look at your marketing messages, your product offering and your marketing collateral and see how you can apply the marketing power of three to make it work even better for you.

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