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Creating a Valuable Business Through Strategic Marketing


Founded in 1982, Tecpro Australia supplies the most extensive range of spray nozzles, tank cleaning equipment, hose reels, odour control systems, fog nozzles and fog makers as a solution for dust suppression and evaporative cooling.

More than just an importer and distributor of specialised engineering components, the experienced team at Tecpro has developed an enviable reputation for providing the most reliable technical solutions for the most challenging engineering problems.

The business goal: creating a long-term valuable business with steady growth

Twinlife Marketing started working with Tecpro in July 2009. Prior to that, Tecpro had been doing their own marketing, but it was often ad hoc and reactive and although money was spent, it didn’t generate the results they had hoped. Marketing activity was also one of the first things that stopped when the team was under pressure or busy.

Graeme Cooper, Tecpro’s Managing Director was very clear on what he wanted his business to become – a leading and strong player in the market. He also wanted to build a valuable long-term business with solid year on year growth.

Graeme understood that marketing was an important function of any business wanting to achieve these goals but Tecpro lacked the right marketing resources and expertise. He was also unsure of hiring an internal Marketing Manager, as it would be difficult to find that one person who would have the all the skills required to create and maintain an effective and strategic marketing function.

Creating clarity – building a solid brand and a deep understanding of Tecpro’s customers

The Twinlife Marketing team’s first challenge was to create a brand strategy that would carve out a unique market position for Tecpro. Although Graeme and his team had built their spray nozzle business on superb customer service, Tecpro had very low brand awareness in the market and their brand message wasn’t clear.

The Twinlife Marketing team challenged the Tecpro team with questions like – What is so special about the Tecpro? How is Tecpro any different from their competitors? Why would anyone choose Tecpro? What can we offer that others can’t?

The next thing the Twinlife Marketing team looked at was what Tecpro’s customers wanted, needed and valued. It was clear that there were two types of customers. Customers who knew exactly what they wanted – “I want this spray nozzle, quickly and without any hassles”. However, there was a much more profitable and sustainable group of customers who were looking for a solution to their problem – “I have a cleaning, dust, health & safety etc. problem and I am looking for the best solution.”

A solid brand strategy was developed by combining Tecpro’s insights, customer insights, market & competitor analysis and Twinlife Marketing’s marketing expertise.

The core brand message “technical solutions you can rely on” has now been consistently out in the market for several years and has propelled the Tecpro into a market leader position.

Creating focus – a strategy and plan for the most effective marketing activities and channels

Twinlife Marketing identified that the existing customer base had great potential for good returns as there were many untapped cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Through educating the customer base, we managed to generate consistent growth without spending large amounts on advertising or other marketing activities.

We then helped Tecpro identify and prioritise the markets to focus on. With a wide range of products and applications, there were (and still are) many relevant markets but it was imperative to select and prioritise the most profitable ones, for example: food & beverage, mining, water treatment, construction.  We created a marketing strategy that focused on the activities and channels that generated the highest return and result for Tecpro. This reduced the amount of time and resources wasted on marketing activities that didn’t work.

Working with the digital marketing specialists in the Twinlife Marketing team, a plan was also developed focusing on the most effective digital marketing channels. Digital tools and systems for results tracking were set-up to ensure activities were constantly monitored for ROI.

Creating a valuable business requires consistency and an ongoing focus on strategic marketing

Tecpro is now a strong and well-known player in the market. They have won several business awards and regularly feature in industry magazines and publications.  The business enjoys ongoing solid business growth – 18-30% year on year and constantly have new leads coming into their business – reducing the pressure on the sales team to make cold and outbound calls.

Tecpro is still partnering with Twinlife Marketing and consider them “an integral part of the Tecpro family”. Twinlife Marketing conducts bi-annual marketing strategy sessions and guides, directs and motivates the Tecpro team ongoing to ensure the marketing direction consistently aligns to Tecpro’s business goals – because at the end of the day, the marketing function is there to grow the business.

“Working with Twinlife Marketing has been a fantastic experience and has made a huge difference to Tecpro. The Twinlife Marketing team truly understand our businesses and produce exceptional outcomes for us – 18-30% consistent growth year on year. Tecpro now has an improved and more professional image in the marketplace and overall sales have increased dramatically. Our company has become a stronger force, better known, and more valuable thanks to Twinlife Marketing.”

Graeme Cooper
Managing Director

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