Talem Wealth

by Sonja van den Bosch

Talem Wealth

Launching a New Brand with Multiple Stakeholders

Talem Wealth provides comprehensive strategic financial advice to individuals and businesses wanting to strengthen and secure their financial future.

Their mission is to provide honest, practical advice, with a high level of care, so clients become financially literate and have clarity and confidence.

Talem Wealth is comprised of three NSW businesses that had an existing relationship under a different brand. In early 2017, the group engaged the services of Twinlife Marketing to develop and implement a Strategic Marketing Plan that launched a new brand, leveraging the services and experience of all three locations, and set the foundations and framework for future growth.

Building the foundations for the future

When we started working with the team, it was quickly identified that while the group were aligned in terms of objectives and values, they had different business needs that would need to be taken into consideration. In response, the Twinlife Marketing team developed a practical marketing strategy and path forward to achieve their set objectives.

The strategy unified the locations ensuring alignment with the brand, while addressing the unique requirements of each location and their client bases. At all times, we have worked with our client to focus on a seamless brand experience for their customers, with processes and tools that avoid the duplication of resources in the future. With multiple stakeholders, having external marketing expertise to facilitate this process was invaluable.

Working with Talem Wealth has been a true partnership. While we know marketing, they know their own clients. We listened to their needs, wants and concerns to create their new company name (Talem Wealth), tagline and plan to launch the new brand to existing clients and potential ones. Creating a new brand identity and website were a priority and while we collaborated with Talem Wealth where necessary, we have managed these projects directly with creative suppliers. We have used our experience and network to source suppliers that deliver value and quality.

Making things happen

With the three businesses spread across New South Wales, effective communication has been key to implementing their marketing strategy and meeting deadlines.

Our role is not just to set the strategy – we make things happen. With Talem Wealth, we have taken ownership of building all the foundations from scratch and when we have required their input, we have provided advice and guidance as required.

While Talem Wealth have a primary Twinlife Marketing consultant, when beneficial, we have tapped into the diverse and deep experience of the team to provide recommendations and options on aspects like their website and video.

Launching Talem Wealth

The new brand was officially launched at a client event, and there are now a number of campaigns planned to build brand awareness and grow their client base.

Talem Wealth is an ideal client for Twinlife Marketing as they are committed to long-term growth, understand the importance of marketing and appreciate that investing the time and resources to develop strong brand foundations will reap the group benefits both now and in the future.

“We initially started the process with some hesitation due a poor experience in the past but have been delighted with the partnership, quality and responsiveness of Twinlife Marketing. The advice they provide is really practical, they take responsibility and just get things done. The Talem Wealth team is very excited about the launch of our new brand; Twinlife Marketing has made this a very positive experience”.

Sam Carroll B. Bus Adv. Dip. FS (FP)
Managing Director – Talem Wealth (St Leonards)
Financial Adviser, Authorised Representative and ACL Credit Representative




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