Simplify and Gain

by Sonja van den Bosch

Simplify and Gain

Simplifying has been a mantra I have been adhering to for marketing, my business and my life for quite a while and it works and feels great. The best solutions are often the simplest and make the most common sense. I find that there is a lot of merit in simplification. When things are simple, they are easy to understand, easy to remember and easy to stick to. Why then, do we have a tendency to complicate things? And how do we start transitioning to making things more simple, clearer and easier?

I think that simplifying is a mindset and potentially a mind shift. It is breaking the habit of wanting to do too much for too many people, too quickly without really enjoying the present moment. It is about being comfortable with saying NO (it’s such a powerful word). It is not always easy to make this shift, especially in the fast-paced world we are living in. But I can tell you, it is absolutely worth it. It will give you more clarity, more success and most importantly you’ll start feeling a whole lot more at ease and comfortable.

Simplify your business
simplificationWhen I was writing my business plan for 2016 at the end of last year, I decided to keep it very short and simple (no more than one page), so that it is easy to focus on and easy to remember. Not only for me, but also for the rest of the team. We did something similar for one of very loyal clients of almost 7 years. 6 Months ago in our strategy session we decided to focus on one thing only and get the whole team focused on it. Very simple, and very effective, as they’ve smashed through this one focus point and have had a great 6 months. Everybody is aligned, everybody is clear and it is just very simple.

Simplify your marketing
From a marketing perspective, simplification is key. Less is more. It starts with simplifying your product or service offering and your marketing messaging and then flows through into simplifying your marketing activities and campaigns.

Simplify your marketing messages
keep it simpleThis is the first thing we always focus on when we start working with a new client. How can we communicate a complex product or service offering in a simple, clear and concise way that matters to the customers?
It is about answering the following questions:
1. Who are we?
2. What do we do for whom?
3. And most importantly why should anyone care?
If we are able to answer these questions clearly and in not too many words, then we are on the right track. You can test this on your children or alternatively on your mum. If they understand what you are talking about, then your target market will understand you as well. Once we have the magic words, which we call the marketing promise, we need to keep repeating this over and over again so that it sticks.

Simplify your marketing activities and campaigns
The main thing to keep in mind here is FOCUS. Focus on your most ideal clients, focus on your most ideal target market and focus on the most sensible marketing activities that fit within your budget and resources framework. Once you have this mindset in place, it is very easy to make decisions around all kinds of weird and wonderful marketing opportunities that seem to keep popping up all the time. Also, when looking at simplifying your marketing it is about doing the right activities in the right order. It starts with your foundational marketing, ensuring you have the right foundations in place, before you go out to the market place. After your foundations, the next step to focus on is your customer journey marketing before you go out and focus on acquisition and lead generation, as well as campaigning. This simple and clear structure works, we are experiencing it over and over again.

On a final note, please remember the following:



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