Save the date 4 Feb 2016

by Sonja van den Bosch

Save the date 4 Feb 2016

I always say that the best ideas don’t come to life when you are sitting behind your desk, but when you are in a more inspirational environment like a beautiful park or even better one of the amazing beaches we are lucky to have in Sydney. So, when my business friend Joe Porteus from AltusQ and I had coffee one morning overlooking Bondi Beach, we decided that we wanted to do something special for all our clients and contacts in this beachy environment, that we both love so much. The idea of developing a unique, interactive and fun kick off day for 2016 combining clear business strategy and solid marketing strategy was born.

It starts with purpose
The purpose of this day is to give business owners the chance to work on building long-term value for their business in an inspiring environment with like-minded people. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day doing this? As we all know we end the year with good intentions to allocate more time to working on the business the upcoming year, but in reality this is always the first thing that falls off the plate. Don’t fall into that trap this year.

It needs commitment and discipline
As with all good ideas it needs commitment and discipline to really make it happy, as otherwise it will always stay that great idea that never saw the day of light. To ensure this wasn’t going to happen, Joe and I made the commitment to have regular early morning Bondi Beach catch ups to inspirebrainstorm, work through and refine this idea. I don’t need to tell you that both of us are really enjoying these regular catch ups. By bouncing ideas off each other and using each other’s strengths and energies we have been able to develop a concept that we are both very excited about.

Be inspired and inspire
Please keep your eyes open for the invite, which will be send out in the next week. I hope that many of you will be able to join us on the 4th of February 2016 for a great day of strategising, thinking, discussing, networking and having fun. It is all about being inspired and inspiring others in an inspiring environment.


  1. Great idea, Sonja! I am sure the event will prove to be inspirational and successful.

  2. Great to see you both working together on a project. I have no doubt it will be an inspiring day!

  3. Hi Sonja, Great idea and so glad it is on a Thursday.
    It is already in my diary.
    Ciao, Graeme

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