Sandler Training & Twinlife Marketing join forces

by Sonja van den Bosch

Sandler Training & Twinlife Marketing join forces

Too often I see marketing and sales people fight with each other. Yes, marketing and sales people have different skills and different views of the world (sales people look at the short-term, whereas marketing people are more focused on the long-term), but we need each other and if we work closely together, we’ll get the best outcomes.

It is like playing a game of soccer. The marketing team members are the mid fielders, who need to ensure that the strikers are getting the ball (providing high quality leads). Once one of the strikers gets the ball, they take over and hopefully score the goal (closing the deal). The better work the mid fielders do, the easier it is for the strikers to score the goal. Passing the ball and scoring the goal are equally important, but require different activities. The better these two parts of the team work together, the better the overall outcome will be.

With this in mind, Twinlife Marketing has recently partnered with Sandler Training, the absolute experts in sales training and development.

I am very excited about this partnership, as I truly see the value for our clients. I have first hand experience with the Sandler Training system and the Sandler Training team in Australia and, although I’ve had many sales trainings before, this one is unique and an absolute standout. I have also seen the great positive effects the Sandler Training system has on the sales results of our clients. Every time our clients score a goal we are clapping from the mid field.

The team at Sandler Training train people to use their unique, non-traditional, highly effective selling system, which alleviates the stress and pressure of selling. In this way you or your sales team can stop being frustrated about not closing the deals you deserve and take charge of your sales process. Their approach is based on reinforcement training and ongoing support, which ensures that you’ll get long-lasting results and sales improvements. On top of that Sandler Training is one of the world’s largest sales and management training organisations, with over 200 offices globally, in over 26 countries.

Rebekah Tucker, who runs Sandler Training in Australia, is an absolute top striker and also a great team player who gets frustrated when business owners don’t get the results they want. She truly enjoys teaching and coaching people how to realise their dreams while having fun.

Every month, Rebekah holds an executive briefing session ‘why sales people fail and what you can do about it!’ This session provides you with a wealth of practical information on the sales process. It is normally $170 + GST, but as an inspirational marketing person, I would like to offer this to you for free. Please email your interest to Sandler Training mention inspirational marketing and you’ll get an invitation to the next session.

I promise you, it is worth it. To scoring many more goals in the near future!

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