Receiving The Baton

by James Cowley

Receiving The Baton

Up to this point in my life, I can’t remember a two-year period where there has been such a radical change and impact on people, and on such a global scale too.

I moved to Australia from England nine years ago this month (familiar ‘POM’ story – I was only meant to be here for 3 months travelling!), and I am now so grateful to call this place home. Even with its Spirit Of Mateship though, Covid has been tough for us all, and during this turbulent time, I have embarked on a further change by joining the amazing team here at Twinlife Marketing.

I was actually a client of Twinlife Marketing several years ago now. I’ve always been a Business Development Professional with a keen interest in Marketing, and Sonja was very supportive by bringing me into their ecosystem when they worked with us, so I could progress myself professionally and personally. Over the years Sonja mentored and supported me, and it pleases me to now be working alongside Sonja and the team.

The highlights so far have been to get to know the team, meet our clients, and speak with our industry partners. Twinlife Marketing has such a good eco-system that is based on values, and we like to always make sure those values are aligned and the relationships are reciprocal.

It was a big change for me. A relocation, a change in job, and working through things with my supportive partner – deep down though, I knew this was the right thing for me. And you can’t beat those Sydney coastal views when out on a bike ride or coastal walk!

So why did I make the change?

Making any type of change can bring feelings of fear or worry, but if we look to the past, we realise that if it wasn’t for change, we wouldn’t be where we are today, be the people we are, have the experiences we’ve had. Once we’ve grown and adapted, it’s rare we look back and regret making a key decision, and if we do, we learn from it. I wanted to be more closely aligned with marketing as a profession, and help others to achieve their business goals, so here I am, I made the change.

I’ve always considered Marketing to be at the forefront of change. How can we utilise these tools to make a more positive impact on the world, to change it for the better? How can we use Marketing to provide access and education for more people so they can benefit from the great products or services we provide? How can we make change more comfortable for our clients?

The first steps

I took some simple steps before making the change to join Twinlife Marketing and plotted out the below to give me a framework to help with my decision. This framework is really a fundamental Sales and Marketing Strategy approach, which can be used in business and our personal lives:

  • Know your vision, mission, and purpose – know why you want to achieve the change
  • Build a strategy with clearly defined goals and tactics – give yourself a framework
  • What’s the value your business brings to your customers – what problem are you solving, and are you communicating it – what’s your value proposition?
  • Set some milestones and measures of success – know when you’re on the right path, and when you’re not
  • Set your intent and act upon it – once you do, then you’ll believe

I joined Twinlife Marketing because we help to empower people to make positive change. It aligned so much with my values. What I do daily is completely aligned with why I do it. It is a part of who I am, my identity, and I’m very grateful for that. What positive change have you always been dreaming of, or who can you help take their first steps towards their dreams? The best time was to start yesterday, the next best time is now.

Get in touch with me on to discuss any of your goals and dreams to see how I might be able to help!

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