QE Foodstores

by Sonja van den Bosch

QE Foodstores

QE Foodstores, originally known as 7 Star Supermarket, is a successful chain of high quality and friendly local food stores throughout Sydney. As an Australian family-owned business QE Foodstores is dedicated to giving its customers only the best most effortless shopping experience in their stores. All QE Foodstores carry only the freshest fruit and vegetables possible – straight from Sydney’s best markets, a complete range of supermarket products, as well as lots of specialty products. Every QE Foodstore has strong ties with their local community and they generously give back to the neighbourhood that has welcomed them.

The Challenge

Narinder Singh, the founder of QE Foodstores initially was looking for marketing help for the opening of a new store in the Waverley area. He needed a practical and easy to implement marketing plan and guidance along the way that would help him reach his financial goals quickly.
Later on Narinder needed help with the rebranding of his business. He needed to change his brand name from 7 Star Supermarket to something that reflected their business culture a lot better. He also needed help with implementing this brand name change throughout his stores.

The Solution

For the opening of the Waverley store Twinlife Marketing developed a marketing plan that was focused on making inroads in the local community and celebrating the opening of the store. We organised signage, local PR and advertising, neighourhood welcome letters, connections with local schools and charities, as well as an opening party and a colouring in competition for the local kids. This was all backed up online with website and social media communication.
For the brand name change, Twinlife Marketing facilitated a brand name change workshop. The outcome was the new name QE Foodstores, representing Quality food shopping made Easy, the true DNA of this business. We then put together a rebranding plan and calendar, including staff, customer and local community communication and guided Narinder through the rebranding activities step by step.

The Result

The opening campaign of the Waverley store was a big success. From the day the store opened, it was very busy with enthusiastic locals and we already broke even in the first week and hit our 6-month target in the second month. Since then we’ve been going from strength to strength and we’ve also copied the winning marketing activities to the other stores with great results.
The new name QE Foodstores has been extremely well received by all staff and customers and has brought us a lot of new business. People really connect with it and it has added a lot of value to our business. We are now set up for the ambitious expansion plans for the next few years.

Client Testimonial

Twinlife Marketing have played an important role in the growth of my business. From the moment we started working together I appreciated their honest approach and well thought through advice. They not only explain the what, but also the why and the how behind every marketing strategy and campaign. This makes marketing a whole lot more comprehensive and less scary.
As a business owner I was pretty nervous about the whole rebranding exercise. I had no idea where to start and what to do. Luckily, the Twinlife Marketing team guided me through this step by step and it has been a very enjoyable and stress-free experience with an excellent result. I am so proud of our new brand, QE Foodstores that our staff and customers feel very connected with. It has brought us a lot of new business and it has added a lot of value to our business. I am very excited about having Twinlife Marketing’s support alongside me for my future business growth.
Narinder Singh, Founder of QE Foodstores

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