by Sonja van den Bosch

Our organisation, the Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of NSW and ACT, was looking at how to ensure a future for our organisation and decided we needed a strategic brand and marketing plan. We had no idea where to start, what to do and who to trust, but fortunately we got referred to Twinlife Marketing.

We were blown away by how quickly the Twinlife Marketing team got through to the true essence of our organisation and how they’ve been able to put this into meaningful language for our members and the wider community. We could never have come up with this ourselves, but we feel very aligned with our new brand and marketing messages.

They’ve created clarity and focus and a way to make us stand out. Twinlife Marketing also developed a practical strategic marketing action plan for us, that will help us retain existing members and gain new members, as well as generate more brand awareness. In addition to the plan, they developed a number of tools and resources that will assist us with implementation and achieving our objectives.

We’ve really enjoyed working with the Twinlife Marketing team, they have been generous in sharing their knowledge and expertise, they were responsive and flexible and we feel energised to now bring this plan to life.

Ray McIntosh – Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of NSW and ACT Inc.

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