Nurture and let go

by Sonja van den Bosch

Nurture and let go

As my twin boys Jordi & Dylan turn 8 today, I am reflecting on how they have been the instigators for Twinlife Marketing and how their growth and development has been very similar to the growth of my business.

Life before…
Life before children was completely different. It was all about ‘work hard, play hard’ and being on the go. I was enjoying working in the city and travelling all over the world, managing a worldwide marketing and sales team in the travel industry. I loved it and believed that it wouldn’t get any better than this.

After the twins were born, I was desperately trying to hold on to that lifestyle and wanted to show the world that I was superwoman. I was convinced I would be able to juggle a full on international corporate career with a balanced family life and a thriving social life etc. etc.

How wrong was I…It didn’t work…superwoman really didn’t exist. By trying to do too much, I was not doing anything right and then of course the feeling of guilt started to eat away at me.

Stepping out of the comfort zone…
comfortzoneI knew I had to do something, but letting go is often so hard to do. After many sleepless nights, I gathered up my courage and made the step into the unknown. I decided to leave the safety of the corporate world and start my own business. Of course this business had to have something to do with marketing and with people (the two things I enjoyed most during my career), so I founded Twinlife Marketing with the purpose of becoming the most respected and reliable marketing partner for businesses.

Nurturing and letting go…
As I have been nurturing and raising my twin boys, I’ve seen them grow and develop from little babies into well balanced, happy and healthy boys, who are starting to do more and more things independently. They don’t need me as much anymore as when they were babies (which I am very happy about) and happily do things with other people, but our connection is stronger than ever.

let goDuring this time I’ve experienced the same journey with my other baby Twinlife Marketing. At the baby stage I was the only one who was completely involved. At that time I also couldn’t imagine that there would come a time where I would step back and let other people nurture the business. I remember that it was quite a big deal for me to employ my first marketing consultant and let her work with my clients. As time went by and we started to grow up a little, I gathered more and more amazing marketing consultants around me. How nice it felt to be out of the baby stage and to be on a growth path. The next big challenge for me was to let go even more, hence why I promoted Joanne Akkari to head of marketing consulting. Joanne takes her nurturing role very seriously and has already had such a positive influence on the development of Twinlife Marketing. We are getting better and stronger every day.

I have really enjoyed the journey so far both from a business as from a personal perspective and I am looking forward to what the next few years will bring with the transition into teenage years.

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