Why you need to build up your own internal marketing capability

by Sonja van den Bosch

Why you need to build up your own internal marketing capability


“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” Chinese proverb

Marketing should be a key driver of growth in your business. Outsourcing marketing is a strong first step in injecting high level expertise into your business, which combines the right strategy with the right execution, for long-term success. The goal, however, is for you to be able run the day-to-day marketing for your business with confidence.

So why is it so important to develop your internal marketing capability?


By upskilling your people, you are almost guaranteed that the quality of work produced will be of a higher standard. Your employees’ output will become a matter of personal pride and will lead to the feeling they are making a difference to the business’ outcomes.

As your employees’ confidence grows, their productivity will increase and you will find that waste is eliminated, red tape is reduced and time is spent more efficiently.

Satisfied Employees

Content employees are more satisfied with their work and less likely to look for another job. This decreases the need for training new staff and employment costs.

When employees feel a sense of accomplishment and feel valued, they are more likely to engage in critical and creative thinking.


Employee collaboration not only results in a happier workforce but it represents an educated one. It cultivates a sense of community within a business – employees feel that they are part of a family.

Different departments or even different offices get to work together when they might not necessarily usually have contact, and skills are pooled to make a project more successful than it might have been.

Knowledge transfer

Technology has created a large generational gap. Younger employees have grown up with technology and readily embrace the rapid changes. These employees are valuable in assisting older staff members to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of social media.

Why not just hire an internal marketing team?

There are several factors why companies outsource marketing work:

  1. You are a business who does not want the risk of hiring full-time employees;
  2. You are a small company and your marketing team lacks specific skill-set and experience;
  3. Your business needs outside opinion or advice for what to do;
  4. Your business has a specific project and you need extra assistance for that project.

The pluses

You get experts on your team. You get skill-set plus experience. At Twinlife Marketing, we will also mentor your in-house employee to become a marketing superstar.

You can expect high-quality results. We welcome each of our clients into our family. As a result, you will receive the same attention and commitment from us as you would a staff member.

You will cut costs. Salaries and associated costs of hiring staff are a large financial cost for all employers. A long-term relationship with us may be more effective than keeping a full team of employees.

Don’t forget about the space saving in the office!

You will get objective advice. Outsiders are more objective than in-house employees. We will offer a fresh perspective to the things you do.

The minuses

Risk of hiring the wrong professionals. As a SME, you need to ensure the outsourcing company you choose is the appropriate for your needs. That is why we meet with business owners to determine whether we are the right fit for each other.

Risk of cost. Outsourced marketing can be costly if the approach is sporadic and uncoordinated. We will develop and support your marketing strategy and drive your implementation plan, always measuring and adjusting if needed.

Risk of inconsistency. The first step is to plan so that your marketing strategy is in line with your business goals. We identify and set up the most effective marketing structure for your business, ensuring the right processes and skills are in place.

What makes Twinlife Marketing so different?

We generously share our marketing knowledge and expertise while we guide our clients through the marketing journey encouraging their staff to learn and grow. Our clients find this to be a most valuable added benefit as it increases not only staff performance and engagement but also adds long-term value to their business.

Our advice is always tailor made. We believe that developing a solid, workable marketing structure within your business is the best way to ensure consistent, sustained results. We offer a full range of marketing services including brand marketing, online marketing, email marketing, direct marketing and more. We’ve always got plenty of fresh marketing ideas to make sure all our clients’ marketing campaigns are as successful as they possibly can be.

To find out how we can Make Marketing Work for your business, either attend our boutique, educational workshop or call (02) 9238-1969 to make an appointment to discuss your business’ growth.

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