My favourite personalised gifts

by Sonja van den Bosch

My favourite personalised gifts

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts? Is there ever not a good time to think about how to thank your staff, your best clients and supporters? Isn’t the gift of giving very rewarding and powerful?

I really believe in the value of personalised gifts, as it takes the experience one step further and shows a real interest. When done smartly, it can be a very strong marketing activity that helps build your brand and creates loyalty.

Here are my top 3 favourite powerful personalised gifts

Brewtopia – custom branded beverages


Last year, we teamed up with Frank Gavrilos from Brewtopia to create our own custom branded Twinlife Marketing wine. The label was not only branded with our team photos, messages and logo, but every single bottle had the person’s name printed on the label. It was such a nice gift to give and I loved seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they realised their name was printed on the label. For more information, please visit Brewtopia


Branded cupcakes or chocolates to share

How nice is it to have a gift that can be shared and enjoyed with the whole team, instead of a single person? That’s where branded cupcakes or chocolates come in beautifully. Everybody loves a treat and they are even better when your logo is sitting on top of them. We recently shared some delicious Tecpro branded cupcakes from the cupcake factory with the team at Tecpro to celebrate our 5-year partnership. For great branded chocolate ideas, please visit Chocogram


Books with a message

I love giving books, especially books with a positive message. I always do this in combination with a handwritten card and explain why I have chosen this book for a particular person. A book that has both a beautiful message and some very nice photographs is 365 gratefuls

Hopefully this has given you inspiration to either plan your Christmas gifts or think about how to integrate personalised gifts into your marketing plan.

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