Meet your maker

by Sonja van den Bosch

Meet your maker

‘Life starts at the end of your comfort zone.’ I love this quote from Neale Donald Walsh, as it is exciting to try new things, go new places and meet new people. With this in mind, I decided to sign up for the ‘Meet your Maker’ intense yoga retreat in Bali, organised by Rod & Mari of the Yoga Travel Company, lead by Remy Quinter, one of the great teachers at the livingroom yoga school coogee beach and facilitated by Colette Crgic.

The purpose of the week was to get rid of our egos and trying to find our true selves again. As Remy explained, we’ll be peeling away layer after layer during the week, as if we are peeling an onion. It will be exciting, challenging, confrontational, liberating and maybe even painful, as the experience will be different for everyone.

Although we were in paradise at the Gaia Oasis Abasan Mountain Retreat in Tejakula Bali, the biggest journey this week would be the inside journey.

There was no Wi-Fi or Internet, there was silence until lunchtime, and we did about 8 hours of yoga, meditation and breath work daily starting at 4.45am. Every day, we were pushed out of our comfort zones, we shared laughs and cries and we formed some very special connections.

I guess the hardest thing for most of us, including myself, was to just let the process happen and give up any form of control or attachment to the outcome.

I learnt a lot…I learnt to focus on being instead of on doing, I learnt to slow down and go inwards and I learnt to be fully present. By the end of the week I had killed superwoman (I realised that is my ego, always wanting to do more and more and not really taking care of myself or enjoying the moment) and had found a very clear and peaceful state. Everything seemed so much more harmonious and in the flow.

Luckily I’ve been able to hold on to that feeling (although I also have my good days and my bad days) and am enjoying my early morning yoga practices at the livingroom Coogee Beach even more.

Later this year, I’ll be treating myself to a nourishing 3-day yoga retreat in the Kangaroo Valley with Dara Loughrey, who is a true gem and hopefully I’ll be able to go to Bali again next year to experience more new discoveries and adventures.

If you are interested to find out more, please visit the yoga travel company and  see all the photos of the ‘Meet your maker’ retreat.

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