Mastering the pressure of Marketing

by Sonja van den Bosch

Mastering the pressure of Marketing

Isn’t it wonderful when people get recognised for consistent great work, especially when this work comes from the highest ethical place? That’s exactly what happened to Graeme Cooper from Tecpro Australia.

Last week, Graeme and his beloved business Tecpro Australia were featured in the small business section of the Daily Telegraph as a success story in how small business owners can deal with the stresses and pressure of running and growing a business (sounds familiar?), while keeping sanity for themselves and the people around them.

I feel very lucky that I met Graeme now more than 6 years ago and since then Twinlife Marketing and Tecpro have had a trusting and mutually beneficial business partnership. My team loves working with the Tecpro team and I get inspired by the many beautiful conversations I have with Graeme and his wife Michelle.

Graeme is not afraid to talk about and learn from his mistakes and always looks for the positive side of things. If things don’t turn out, he always tries to find an alternative solution. Graeme is also not afraid of trailing new things, which means that he is often one step ahead of his competitors. These are qualities I really admire and I am sure have helped Graeme enjoy his journey to success so far.

Here is a link to the Daily Telegraph article, which is a must read for any small business owner with a big heart.

Graeme Cooper Tecpro Daily Telegraph

Graeme congratulations, you absolutely deserve this! And to many more successes for you and Tecpro.

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