Marsupial makes ANZAC Bridge shine

by Sonja van den Bosch

Marsupial makes ANZAC Bridge shine

At Twinlife Marketing we are passionate about working with clients that inspire us. One such client is Marsupial Landscape Management, a company that prides itself in providing stewardship services of environmental assets. In the lead up to the ANZAC Day Centenary Commemoration, Marsupial’s dedication and long standing connection with Sydney’s ANZAC Bridge is a story we felt was worthy of sharing…

When driving along the Gore Hill freeway on the lead up to the Sydney Harbour Bridge or over the Western Distributor and ANZAC Bridge have you ever wondered who takes care of all trees, shrubs and grass that line the freeway? You would be forgiven if you think that the little elves do it. It is in fact the dedicated team at Marsupial Landscape Management.

On the eve of the ANZAC Day Centenary Commemoration, Sydney’s ANZAC Bridge has received special nurturing from the team at Marsupial Landscape Management who are responsible for the stewardship and maintenance of the bridge and up keeping its respect and integrity for all Australians and New Zealanders.

Chris and Ronald prior 13th March 1996Marsupial General Manager, Chris Prior has a significant connection with the ANZAC bridge. He and his father, Ronald Prior, who served in the Malayan Emergency, were part of the team who planted the landscaping and built the monument in which the four metre bronze statue of the Australian World War 1 Digger was placed on the western end of the bridge on the 25th April 2000.

“It was a very humbling experience to be involved with the placement of sand from Ari Burnu beach at Gallipoli which rests under the foot of the digger representing a permanent connection with comrades who fell and remain at the Gallipoli battlefield in Turkey.” Chris said.

MarsupialThe team at Marsupial Landscape Management, who fittingly comprise of both Australian and New Zealand team-mates, share Chris Prior’s respect for the ANZAC Bridge. The team, many of whom also have family who served in the great wars, is responsible for providing stewardship services for the ANZAC Bridge and the Sydney main roads network that reach to the New South Wales – Victorian boarder.

ANZAC Bridge VegetationIn preparation for ANZAC Day 2015, the Aussie and Kiwi team-mates have pruned vegetation, cleared the weeds from garden beds, removed litter and trimmed the palm trees which stand in salute of the Australian and New Zealand Diggers. The team have also cleaned surfaces and ensured the area is graffiti-free preserving the respect and honour of this important memorial of our fallen hero’s.

“It is an honour for Marsupial to not only maintain the site but to provide stewardship which goes beyond general maintenance to a level where we nurture and care for the environmental assets preserving its integrity for future generations.” Chris said.

We thank the team at Marsupial for sharing their story as we prepare to honour and remember all Australian and New Zealand men and women who have served our country and the sacrifices they have made for our freedom. Lest we forget!

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  1. Ron Prior says:

    Thanks Chris it still looks beaut—Dad

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