Making professional video production easy and affordable

by Sonja van den Bosch

Making professional video production easy and affordable

Caroline McCarten is the brain, heart and soul behind Your Film, a video production company that makes professional video production easy and affordable. After having worked in high-level professional film production for many years, Caroline decided that it was time to combine her skills with her desire to make video production more accessible.

There are so many great business with great messages and stories that they want to communicate with their customers. Video is a great tool for this, as it humanizes the communication between businesses and their target market.

Caroline McCarten, Founder Your Film

Taking away the smoke and mirrors
Unfortunately a lot of businesses don’t know where to start, are scared of the whole video process and think that it is going to cost them an arm and a leg. This is exactly where Your Film comes in. ‘We are all about taking away the smoke and mirrors that surround video production, giving people the confidence and explaining the process to them in easy steps. We love sharing our filming knowledge and give our clients the skills to do the things that they can do themselves, like for example filming. We then do the technical part, to ensure that clients end up with a professional video that they can be proud of. We are also very flexible as we understand that different clients have different needs, so we can assist with anything from DIY to full production in our studio. Our aim is to create videos that people watch and share.’ says Caroline.

Here you can see Caroline in action in her own video:

It’s all about great relationships
YourFilmLogoYour Film is still relatively young (just over 1 year), but is going from strength to strength. Caroline believes that her business success comes from strong relationships. Caroline is a great networker and really enjoys getting to know other business people. ‘You can only create a quality video for someone if you understand their business, so we spend time getting to know our clients. I get the most satisfaction when I have someone who is terrified about video at the start, but then gets more and more confident throughout and is not only happy with the end product, but also has really enjoyed the process. I find it very important to make people feel comfortable. We always give people a lot of tips and tricks and ensure to translate production speak into clear, easy to understand language.’ says Caroline. This year Your Film’s marketing will focus on relationship management, but also on digital marketing, as video is part of that space.

Discovering and new experiences
YourFilmCorporatePackagesWhen I ask Caroline what her inspiration is the first word she mentions is discovering. Caroline loves experiencing new things…new countries, new places, new restaurants, new recipes and getting to know new people. Caroline gets a lot of inspiration from her internal team, but also her clients. She admires people who are very genuine, open and honest and of course passionate about what they do. They talk from their heart, they know why they do what they do, they have resilience, they share their failures as much as their successes and they never give up.

Personally, I really enjoy working with Caroline and her team and we have used them for our own video on our homepage. They are great people with great hearts delivering a great product. If you want to find out more, please visit Your Film.

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