London Olympics: Inspire a Generation

by Sonja van den Bosch

London Olympics: Inspire a Generation

It is very exciting that the Olympics are kicking off very soon. Millions of people around the world will be following this world-class event that brings out the best of people to the surface and pushes human potential to new levels of achievements. You get to see passionate people doing what they love and that is magical to see.

As a marketer I also always enjoy watching what creative advertising campaigns the likes of Coca Cola, Samsung etc. have come up with. This time, my favourite is the ad that has been created by Procter and Gamble, featuring the mothers of the Olympians. The theme of the ad is that although to us they are Olympians to their mums they will always be kids. I really like the way they’ve brought this very human element (that everyone can relate to) into it.

Watch the ad here:

I am glad to see though that there is more to the Olympics than promoting products and spending of big marketing budgets.

The 2012 Olympic games have made a promise to reach out to the world’s youth in an effort to connect them to the inspirational power of the Olympics. That’s why Inspire a Generation is the official motto for the London Olympics. This is backed up with the International Inspiration program.


The International Inspiration program uses the power of sport to enrich the lives of millions of children and young people of all abilities, in schools and communities across the world, by providing access to high quality and inclusive physical education (PE), sport and play. This changes lives, opening up doors to leadership, health, inclusion, excellence or simply the joy of participation.

As part of International Inspiration, young people around the world learn about different countries, cultures and traditions through the school links program. Here you can download games from 22 different countries  London Olympics International Inspiration Games

The program is a partnership between UK Sport, Unicef and the British Council and is supported by the likes of Denise Lewis and David Beckham. To find out more about this program, please visit

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