Learn from Brad’s Immense Entrepreneurial Experiences and Become Better, Stronger and Faster

by Sonja van den Bosch

Learn from Brad’s Immense Entrepreneurial Experiences and Become Better, Stronger and Faster

I was introduced to Brad Rosser via a mutual friend. Brad invited me to his beautiful home, where I met his wife and children and where we had a great time talking about business. Brad has had immense experience working with top entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Alan Bond and also had his fair share of starting up businesses himself. Brad is a very quick and practical thinker, who is not afraid to share his experiences with the world and he is a genuinely nice person.

Brad gave me his better, faster, stronger book, which is an entrepreneur’s step-by-step guide to success in business.

I read it in one go and would highly recommend this book to any budding entrepreneur or business owner. It is comprehensive, easy to read, has lots of real life examples and is full of practical tips.

It is impossible to summarise the book as there is too much good stuff in it, but here is a little taster of the 9 steps that Brad describes in his book:

Step 1: The Bulletproof Idea
Come up with an idea that solves your customers’ problems in a tangible way in a market that is fat and growing, and not overcrowded.

Step 2: Launch smart: what to do (and, especially, what not to do!)
Focus on cash flow. Test, measure and adjust your product, sales and marketing until you’ve found the right formula. Don’t spend money on the back-end of your business.

Step 3: Punching above your weight: winning credibility
Use zeal and passion, PR and other tactics to win credibility.

Step 4: Negotiation: the art and science
Selling your vision is the difference between success and failure. Build empathy with the other side, bury your ego and focus on the end game

Step 5: Getting funded: without getting eaten alive!
Avoid outside funding if you can, but if you do need it this chapter gives you the right ammunition.

Step 6: Finances: lead from the front
Constantly keep in touch with the financial pulse of your business and make decisions based on payback.

Step 7: Stepping stones: getting the right help
You must and will have the right help (employees, suppliers, business partners) at the right time, at the right cost.

Step 8: Building a valuable brand
Build and use your brand as a weapon in the sales process – but not at the expense of survival and employ people who understand and will live the brand.

Step 9: Sell high…and set yourself free
Don’t let your own ego destroy what you have built. Have a winning attitude and sell on the way up – don’t miss the boat.

To get Brad’s book and to find out more about what he does, visit http://www.thebsfgroup.com/
and http://bsfentrepreneurschool.com.au/


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