It’s easy to help

by Sonja van den Bosch

It’s easy to help

Sometimes you meet people with great positive energy who are not only extremely good at what they do, but also have a very big heart. Hacy Tobias definitely fits this category. Hacy runs her own skincare & cosmetics business, has written the book ‘The diaries of a corporate princess’ and works as a trainer for Sandler Training (Sandler Training is an absolute must for any business owner or sales manager who wants to alleviate the stress and pressure of selling, but get great results – this is a story for another time).

One day Hacy started talking to me about a special charity that she is involved with. It is called Lou’s place and it is a day centre for women in the heart of Kings Cross. A big percentage of the women who come to Lou’s place are homeless and nearly all of them have been abused in some way or form.

At Lou’s place these women in need will find a welcoming environment that feels like a good home and offers safety. In this environment they’ll be able to establish trust, which will help them rebuild their lives. They can start to restore their security, stability and self-respect. Since opening this women’s refuge in April 1999, Lou’s place has had roughly 31,500 visits.



How can you help?

Hacy has been involved with this charity for many years and collects toiletries and clothing for them. These are items that we all have too many of any way, so I would like to invite you to go through your drawers and see if there is anything that you can donate to this worthwhile cause. Also, if you are travelling for work, it doesn’t cost anything to take the hotel toiletries home and use these to donate.

Here is a link to the Lou’s place website that tells you exactly how to donate.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support!

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