Introducing…the Twinlife Tree

by Sonja van den Bosch

Introducing…the Twinlife Tree

As it is our 9th birthday this month, I would like to introduce the Twinlife Tree. It is a symbolisation of our journey so far, where we are today and our future ahead.

The idea of the Twinlife Tree just kept popping into my head while I was evaluating whether I am still on the right track, aligned with my values, and enjoying the journey.

Why a tree?

Trees give us oxygen, energy and life force. They also ground us and make us feel connected to the world around us.

Trees represent learning, growth and harmony. Fulfilling wishes from the heart, learning from the past, vision and dreams, stretching your limits and reaching to be the best you can be.

Just like a tree, a business grows stronger over time and strives for greater knowledge and new experiences. The journey doesn’t always go in a straight line. There will be twists and turns along the way. The challenge is to embrace it all, while staying true to your beliefs.

Stronger Together

The Twinlife Tree is vibrant and joyous with STRONGER TOGETHER at the heart. Since day 1 this has been at the core of everything we do and is reflected in our name Twinlife.

Twins know that they can rely on each other, no matter what situation they are in. They respect each other, are honest with each other, are better because they are together and have great fun together.

Stronger together means having authentic, open and trusting relationships with everyone around you. It means always looking for a win-win situation and having an abundance mentality.

Within the Twinlife team we always collaborate, using each other’s strengths and energies. With our clients we co-create and truly become part of their team – leading, guiding and mentoring them through their marketing journey.

Truthful, practical, inspirational, respectful and fun

Everything we do is underpinned by our 5 non-negotiable values: truthful, practical, inspirational, respectful & fun. These values ensure that we truly are stronger together. These values are the roots of our tree. They keep us grounded and strong, especially when weathering a storm. I love the saying ‘A tree with strong roots laughs at the wind.

To be the most respected and reliable marketing partner

The branches of the Twinlife Tree go wide, in different directions. They all reach towards the sky, towards our vision to be the most respected and reliable marketing partner. The branches are surrounded by happy faces. Happy faces that are enjoying working with our marketing team and happy faces that help us to come to our full potential.

Thank you to everyone that has been part of the Twinlife Tree over the past 9 years. I am looking forward to continuing growing together over the next 9 years. Bring on the teenage years!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need guidance or support with any of your strategic marketing projects like eg. brand & marketing strategy, product launch, new market entry, digital and social media marketing strategy etc.


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Inspirational marketing is about being true to yourself, being aligned with your core values and doing something you truly believe in and are passionate about. It is about creating meaningful relationships with everyone you encounter. It is about thoughts from the heart.

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