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Founded in 1996, Ilum-a-Lite specialises in creating highly effective energy saving solutions for commercial and industrial clients that generate a powerful return on investment and significantly reduce environmental impact. The company’s mission is to work towards a more sustainable world and it helps to achieve this via its range of energy saving solutions and innovative proprietary products.

Ilum-a-Lite- has offices in Sydney, China and Singapore and has exclusive distribution rights for a number of their products in various overseas markets such as South Africa and New Zealand.

The Challenge

Having recently acquired venture capital funding from a capital investor, Ilum-a-Lite- was getting set to fast track its business growth by expanding its operations and taking advantage of new market opportunities. They engaged Twinlife Marketing in December 2010 to help them achieve this next stage of growth.

The key objective for the Twinlife Marketing team was to set up marketing and sales systems that will increase profit and add value to the business. Our key challenges were to:

  • Differentiate Ilum-a-Lite- from its competitors. This was essential in a fast growing sector where an increasing amount of competitors with very similar products were entering the market.
  • Increase Ilum-a-Lite-’s profile and brand awareness.
  • Provide training and tools for the sales team and increase the number of leads for them to follow up.
  • Create loyal clients that come back for repeat business.
  • Identify and crack new profitable markets.

The aim for Twinlife Marketing was to create marketing initiatives that will achieve sustainable long term growth.

The Solution

The Twinlife Marketing team started by initiating several marketing workshops with Ilum-a-Lite-. The objective was to gain a very clear understanding of every facet of the business. Through these workshops, Twinlife Marketing helped Ilum-a-Lite- identify:

  • Its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Market opportunities that can be taken advantage of and threats that need to be minimised.
  • The target markets and products that was profitable for the company to focus on.
  • Its key competitors and their strengths and weaknesses

Twinlife Marketing also conducted market research with Ilum-a-Lite-’s existing clients to gather information on its strengths and weaknesses.

Within one month, Twinlife Marketing created a strategic marketing plan which detailed marketing initiatives and activities that will help Ilum-a-Lite achieve its growth strategy. Over the next 6-8 months, the Twinlife Marketing team worked closely with Ilum-a-Lite to:

  • Create a powerful positioning statement and key brand messages that effectively differentiates Ilum-a-Lite from its competitors. Twinlife Marketing ensured these messages were incorporated into all marketing communications.
  • Promote Ilum-a-Lite as the industry leaders/ experts in energy saving technology via ongoing press releases, case studies and advertising. Twinlife Marketing initiated several key relationships with industry associations and publications to ensure continual coverage.
  • Develop an effective online marketing strategy starting with updating their current website to reflect its new corporate profile and maximise SEO.
  • Develop new names and logos for new products. Twinlife Marketing also developed a brand guidelines document to ensure the brand is represented consistently.
  • Implement activities that will generate ongoing sales leads for the business. These include developing sales tools for the BDM’s (such as a corporate folder/binder, product information sheets and product catalogues), developing a sales database that is continually updated, developing an effective sales process to ensure all leads are followed up in a timely manner and developing a targeted direct marketing strategy to directly communicate with key market segments.
  • Develop marketing activities aimed at creating loyal and raving clients such as the development of an e-newsletter, initiating ideas for a referral campaign and reviewing the client on board process.
  • Increase Ilum-a-Lites profile in the new wholesale market

The Result

In just over 8 months, Ilum-a-Lite’s brand awareness and profile in the marketplace increased dramatically. The number of visitors to their website increased by almost 60% in this period attributed by an increasing amount of people visiting the site by directly typing Ilum-a-Lites web address in their browser.

Visitors were also spending longer on the website and viewing more pages as a result of interesting content continually being provided by Twinlife Marketing which were then uploaded onto the website.

Ilum-a-Lite also received several press release coverage in various publications and related websites as a result of strong relationships developed between Twinlife Marketing and industry journalists.

The Ilum-a-Lite sales team had become more confident in approaching prospects as a result of the Twinlife Marketing team continually educating them on marketing and providing effective sales tools for them to use.

Over this period, Twinlife Marketing had provided a very solid marketing basis for Ilum-a-Lite to continue its business growth.

Client Testimonial

We engaged Twinlife Marketing to help us develop a solid marketing plan that will help take our business to the next stage of growth. From our first meeting, we found the team at Twinlife Marketing to be both proactive and professional and very keen to develop an in-depth knowledge of our business. With their knowledge and experience, they developed a solid marketing strategy for our business that was both achievable and sustainable and engaged the whole team in the process so that everyone was on board and excited. Throughout the year, they worked closely with our team to implement a whole range of marketing services and were always there to offer advice and support as well as educating our staff about marketing. Twinlife Marketing has helped us grow our brand awareness in the marketplace and helped us develop a very solid marketing platform by which we can continue to grow the business. We would not hesitate to recommend Sonja and her team.

Mark Rutherford
Managing Director

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