How my Family Transformed from Being very Negative to Becoming the Best Australia Brand Ambassadors Ever

by Sonja van den Bosch

How my Family Transformed from Being very Negative to Becoming the Best Australia Brand Ambassadors Ever

I still remember the moment…the moment when I fell head over heels in love with Australia with Sydney and the beautiful life style. Arjen and I were backpacking around the world and in Vietnam we met Kirsten, a Canadian girl, who was living in Bronte in Sydney. She told me that she knew that we were going to end up living in Sydney.

Arjen and I had just escaped the hectic and pressure driven life in Holland and took our time exploring the world and were kind of looking for the best place in the world to live. Before we left I had my heart set on Latin America and was convinced that we would be ending up there.

Anyway, Kirsten invited us to come to her place, when we would be travelling to Sydney, to enjoy a glass of wine on her balcony. She told us that she has the most beautiful view in Sydney. And so we did. I remember walking into her apartment with a view over Bronte Beach, hearing the waves, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was: Arjen, this is were I want to live. Let’s forget about South America, we’ve found the place.

Bronte Beach

Bronte beach, where I fell in love with Sydney

There were many more things that we were attracted to. We loved the friendliness of the people, the relaxed no worries atmosphere and we couldn’t believe how great the weather was. Where in the world can you live so close to the ocean and still be so close to a big city with all its activities, have so much green around and be surrounded by the nicest people?

We went on with our travels and after we explored Latin America, which was beautiful but it was definitely not the place to go and live, we decided to go back to Holland, say hi bye to our friends and family and use our last money to buy a one-way ticket to Australia.

Although we had given hints that we were very interested in living in Sydney, my parents were NOT happy at all when we told them that we now were moving to Sydney. We had just been away for 1.5 years and now we were moving away again, they couldn’t believe it and found it very hard.

After we moved here and settled in, getting jobs and a place to live, my parents decided to come and visit this place that had stolen their children. They arrived just 3 months after we came here and after the first day of them exploring the city, they told us that night: “We now understand why you came here. This place is amazing, the people are just so friendly, the environment is just so beautiful, and the weather is great. If we were your age and would have had the opportunity, we would have done the same.” This was a major shift for my parents and a really great win for us. No need to say that my parents keep coming back to Australia and exploring different parts and enjoying their visits very, very much.

The most rewarding thing for me to see is that my parents and especially my dad has become the biggest Australia brand ambassador ever. When I visit them in Holland he grabs every opportunity to talk to people about how wonderful Australia is and tries to convince everyone to come on Holidays here. My brother once organised a blind wine tasting night and when the bottles were revealed the wine my dad loved most was of course the Australian wine and he just couldn’t stop talking about how great this country is.

For me this is a very big compliment to this country and it is the optimum of inspirational marketing. My dad is the best ongoing marketing campaign for holidays to Australia without Tourism Australia having to put any time, resources, effort or budget into this.


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