Handing over to James

by Sonja van den Bosch

Handing over to James

There comes a time when it is someone else’s turn to look after your baby. That time has come for me at Twinlife Marketing.

Don’t worry, I am not going to leave and I’ll still be involved. I simply love working with the Twinlife team, our clients and my own special marketing & leadership mentoring clients far too much.

However, it’s time for me to take a step back and let someone else shine and become the face in the market.

Introducing James Cowley

It’s with absolute great pleasure that I introduce you to James Cowley, our new General Manager. James is the new pilot in the plane and I am taking on the role as co-pilot, supporting James the best I can, while James flies the plane to new and higher destinations.

James’s task is to ensure that the great client, partner and team relationships we’ve built up over the past 12.5 years will continue long into the future. We are standing on a strong history of quality and long-term loyal relationships and are creating a future with fresh energy and new initiatives.

There is always a story

I met James in 2018 when James was working as National Sales Manager for Combined Group, one of our great clients. As we always make sure that marketing and sales are integrated when we work with clients, James was involved in the product launch campaign that we developed and then also got to experience how we train/mentor and empower internal people.

He loved the experience so much that he approached me and asked if we could stay in touch and if I could give him some guidance throughout his career. I love it when people take initiative and I love helping people, it’s so satisfying.

So over the years, we’ve formed a really great relationship and James has progressed very nicely in his career.

When we caught up again a couple of months ago and we were having another very open conversation, I realised that the time had come to do something together. I had been thinking about bringing in some fresh, new blood for the next growth phase of Twinlife Marketing and my intuition told me that it was the right time and that the right person had crossed my path.

This decision didn’t happen overnight and it took a bit of processing from my end. It’s been a real practice of letting go an being open to what the future brings without being attached to the outcome. With that comes a lot of freedom and an openness to endless opportunities.

I am really enjoying my new role as co-pilot and mentor to James and am already feeling proud of how much he is learning each day and the progress he’s making.

Join us at our Marketing Roundtable

One of the great initiatives that James is bringing back are the Marketing Roundtables for Business Leaders.

These boutique, interactive events, online at the moment, are a great opportunity for business leaders to learn how to create lasting value in their business in a rapidly changing world.

I’ll be there to share my marketing leadership insights, experiences and real-life case studies, as well as answer any marketing questions.

If you are interested to join us for any of the marketing roundtables (the first one will be on the 21st of Oct 9.30am-10.30am AEST), please email james and he’ll arrange a complimentary guest ticket for you.

A new venture

With Twinlife in good hands, I’ve also had some space to think about my next adventure. Some of you might have heard that I’ve partnered with Mirjana Boznovska and co-founded ONE Beyond Success with the purpose to enhance organisations by elevating human potential.

With the support of our incredible global advisory board of human-centred business leaders, we are working with global organisations to help strengthen their employees from within. If you would like to learn more, please visit onebeyondsuccess.com

I am very much looking forward to keep learning, growing & building each and every day and be the best support for James and Twinlife Marketing as I can be. 


Congratulations! Yes, it is a time for you to celebrate.  This is a monumental decision which will allow you to be involved but no doubt allow you to breath a little deeper, observe a little longer and notice how bright the colours in our world really are. Enjoy your family and always remember when you look at the stunning statue – it takes courage to leave the ground but when you do make it a grande jete. It starts in your mind, then you make your way up, reach a level and glide…. come to land content with your effort. Cathi Burnett-Cosgrove

Thank you Cathi for your wonderful comment! There is nothing more exciting than stepping out of your comfort zone and uplifting others at the same time. Sonja van den Bosch

Congratulations Sonja, there comes a time when a call for more growth and opportunity to impact becomes stronger, and you’ve answered that whilst still guiding and leading Twinlife.  Looking forward to seeing where it all takes you – the Hero’s Journey continues.  Blessings and love, Kath xx

Congratulations to Twinlife Marketing! Exciting times for you Sonja. Your view is always so fresh with focus on the big picture. No doubt James will take the organization to the next level. Jennifer Maniscalco


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