Guess who made the BRW Fast 100?

by Sonja van den Bosch

Guess who made the BRW Fast 100?

Good things happen to good people. So we were not at all surprised when at Twinlife Marketing we received the great news that our beautiful client Empower Construction made it to no 36 at the BRW Fast 100 list.

The BRW Fast 100 list ranks Australia’s fastest growing, public and private, small and medium businesses.

We are very excited for the team at Empower Construction, as it is absolutely well deserved. It’s a huge achievement for a company that is only 7 years young.

Gina Hill and I have been privileged to work with Ryan, Julia and the rest of the Empower Construction team for almost two years now and we’ve enjoyed this amazing journey towards success with them.

These are 3 Empower Construction pillars of success that stand out for me:

1. A very clear sense of purpose

Celebrating with Ryan, Julia and Gina

It is often harder to answer the question ‘why you do what you do?’ instead of ‘what you do?’ However if you can answer ‘THE WHY question’ and understand the essence of why you exist, you are on your way to creating and living a clear sense of purpose.

Everything Ryan and Julia do is connected to the purpose of empowering people and creating a better world for everyone whose lives are touched by Empower Construction’s products and services.

This clear sense of purpose fuels their motivation day in and day out and ensures that they don’t give up. It also helps them in making the right business decisions. If it fits with the purpose it is a go, otherwise it is a no go.

2. Commitment, determination and ongoing focus
Rome wasn’t built in one day. It took years of hard work and determination…nothing worthwhile can be done or happen quickly, you have to be patient and keep chipping away.

Julia and Ryan understand that short-term thinking can potentially crush your business and they are constantly focusing on improving structures and processes to ensure long-term sustainable success that will lead them to their purpose.

3. It has to be fun
When we enjoy what we do, we naturally are more successful. And by the way, life is too short to not have fun every day.

Julia and Ryan have always been fueled by passion for their business and are creating a lot of fun experiences for their team, their clients and lucky people like us who get to help them with their marketing.

Julia and Ryan, once again congratulations on this wonderful achievement and I am sure that we’ll be seeing great things from you guys in the years to come!

The 2014 BRW Fast 100 list can be found online at

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