Giving Back – Strategy, Digital & Brand

by Sonja van den Bosch

Giving Back – Strategy, Digital & Brand

Over the past month, I’ve created & delivered 3 webinars to over 300 travel industry businesses on strategy, digital and brand. The purpose was to help them with their strategic focus & direction, strengthening their customer journey with digital tools and standing out & staying relevant in a crowded market space.

It’s been pure joy to be able to give back to an industry that has definitely been hit very hard. It’s a great partnership with AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents.

I have a great passion for travel and the industry and have always really enjoyed and am still enjoying working in the industry. Travel, I believe is the greatest gift you can give yourself, I love to travel and will do so again. Most of all, I am heartened by the optimism and resilience that I’ve experienced connecting with so many travel industry professionals over the past few weeks.

Although the webinars are created for the travel industry, the frameworks, insights, questions to contemplate and examples are relevant to any kind of business. That’s why I am sharing the recordings about strategy, digital & brand here. I really hope that you’ll get something out of watching these.

STRATEGY – Focus & direction for your business – bounce back stronger & faster

This webinar works around a 5-step framework that will create impact and help businesses bounce back stronger & faster. This framework is not only relevant in times of crisis, but you can also benefit from this in preparing for the next financial year and your strategic planning.

DIGITAL – Use digital tools & social media to strengthen your customer journey

The customer journey is used as the basis for this webinar, as well as a digital marketing framework. You can use this every time you plan to do a (digital) marketing campaign. It also includes the latest online & social media stats.

BRAND – Giving you the tools to step into your power – stand out & stay relevant

This webinar looks at linking your ideal target market with your voice, look & actions. It covers both the emotional- and the value connection. By getting both right, you’ll be able to cut through in crowded market space and stand out.

I hope that these recordings have given you inspiration, ideas and direction on how to move forward with confidence and focus.

If you would like any extra support, please feel free to contact me.

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