Gallop Solutions and Twinlife Marketing become preferred partners

by Sonja van den Bosch

Gallop Solutions and Twinlife Marketing become preferred partners

Sometimes you just know that you are better together…

When you meet people who have the same values in life and in business, you easily and effortlessly build up a meaningful connection with them that gives a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction. This has happened with the Gallop Solutions and Twinlife Marketing team over the past few months.

The Twinlife Marketing story
‘I became a client of Gallop Solutions by the end of last year and I can’t even tell you how great the impact of their amazing business program has been on my business and my life. I was very content with how things were going before I started working with Gallop Solutions, but now I am doing things that I never even thought were possible before. It is very empowering and has given me great freedom.‘ says Sonja van den Bosch, Twinlife Marketing’s founder and managing director. Sonja’s team members feel exactly the same way – they have truly enjoyed the interactions with the Gallop team and are embracing all the positive changes it has brought to the business.

The Gallop Solutions story
‘From the moment we started working with Sonja from Twinlife Marketing it was very clear that Sonja is extremely passionate about what she does, is very open in sharing her phenomenal marketing knowledge and runs her business in a highly ethical way. We’ve learned a lot about truthful and practical marketing along the way. Once we met the rest of the Twinlife Marketing team we knew that we wanted to partner with them.’ says Daniel Davis, Gallop Solutions CEO.

What does it mean for you?
This means that Twinlife Marketing highly recommends their clients and friends to work together with Gallop Solutions for their business strategy and that Gallop Solutions highly recommends their clients and friends to work together with Twinlife Marketing for their marketing strategy. Twinlife Marketing will be presenting a marketing seminar for Gallop Solutions clients in the near future, and Twinlife Marketing clients will get the opportunity to experience the Gallop Solutions “Business Tools for Freedom” Boot Camp as part of this preferred partnership.

Gallop Solutions works with clients to create profitable, efficient and fun companies that are able to stably expand, working as a team towards agreed upon goals. Our tools and frameworks empower business owners and their teams to enable profitable growth, giving them the freedom they desire. Gallop Solutions provides unique tailored management training programs to Micro and Small to Medium Businesses.

Twinlife Marketing helps businesses set up the best marketing structure based on full marketing lifecycle management from thinking (marketing strategy) to doing (marketing management) to analysing (marketing results). Their marketing advice is firmly grounded in the practical and focuses on attracting and retaining your ideal clients. Twinlife Marketing offers a part-time marketing management solution for micro businesses and SME’s as well as a marketing mentoring program.

For more information about Gallop Solutions, please visit or contact Francesca Lever

For more information about Twinlife Marketing, please visit or contact Sonja van den Bosch

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