From managing a ski chalet in France to advising CEO’s in Australia

by Sonja van den Bosch

From managing a ski chalet in France to advising CEO’s in Australia

David Pointon is a man on a mission. With his business, FAST Meetings Co. David and his team of change agents are passionate about creating quantum shifts for medium to larger organisations in their contribution toward an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilled world.

David Pointon‘We see ourselves as guides in transformational journeys. You can’t transform incrementally. It takes a lot of energy, willpower and you’ll need to let go of something to be able to make a change. We help our clients to go somewhere new and guide them on their journey. When you go to the Amazon for example, you don’t go on your own, but you go with a guide who has been there before, knows where to go and is aware of the pitfalls. We guide our clients in the journey of making their vision a reality.’

It is evident that David absolutely loves what he does. ‘I love the challenge of creating something out of nothing, working with concepts, ideas and energy and making this into something tangible. I love discovering what the essence of a business is and turning this into reality, it is very creative. Unfortunately so many people work in environments that are dysfunctional. I want to help them to create an environment that is more uplifting, rewarding and fun to work in. I really enjoy helping leaders develop as leaders, as I believe that there is a real shortage of good leaders out there. In my opinion great leaders are humble, are great role models, have a real ability to listen, understand others and are able to create and exciting future to move towards. Also some of the best leaders wok at the back of the bus.’

David has learned his skills on the job and through his own ongoing learning journey. ‘We can have a head full of theory, but for me it is all about life experiences. Also, my journey of self-awareness is a source of learning. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the early years, but I’ve learned a lot as well.’

David’s own learning journey started in the French Alps, where David leased a ski chalet and started his own business, just one day after his wedding. David jokingly tells me that his wife threatened to leave him after about 4 weeks. Fortunately for David, she didn’t and they have been happily married for more than 20 years now. David’s motto is that you’ve got to have a go as a business owner. It is about taking a leap of faith and enjoying it every step of the way. ‘I had a great realisation that this is what life is all about when I was walking through the snow capped mountains carrying fresh baguettes for my guests’ breakfast.’

When I ask David about his most satisfying experience with his business, he tells me it is all about the way his own inner state and inner journey show up on the outside. ‘This is extremely satisfying, but also extremely challenging when I don’t get the results. I meditate, I try to be mindful and nurture relationships to have a good inner state and high level of confidence.

David gets his inspiration from nature. He started a not for profit organisation Way of Nature that helps people connect on a fundamental level with nature and with themselves. ‘It is nature that holds it all together and not the economy as a lot of us think.’

David’s inspiration is aligning what you do with your values and purpose in life. If there is not that alignment, you’ll have success, but it will cost a lot more energy and you will never leave a legacy.

The first step is to become aware of your purpose. What are you most deeply passionate about in life? Once you know this, your internal energy is limitless.

If you want to find out more about all the great work that David and his team do, please visit

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