Facebook Likes Versus Your Own Database

by Sonja van den Bosch

Facebook Likes Versus Your Own Database

Social media channels like Facebook can be a great marketing channel, but the challenge is (and will always be) that you are not in control, especially not about the changes that a channel like Facebook makes.

Recently, regardless of how many ‘likes’ you have as a business on Facebook, your posts will not reach 100% of your likers. More like 15%, until you start paying; this is a result of a tweak in their algorithm!

Businesses that have spent thousands trying to harvest Facebook likes now cannot talk to their fans for free anymore. This brings me to a very valid point that we constantly promote with our clients:

The heart and soul of every marketing strategy is your OWN database owned by YOU.

Channels like Facebook are great to get in touch with a certain demographic, but there should always be a link to getting these people to sign up with your brand and not just on your Facebook page.

It also shows that ‘sharing’ is a much better use of Facebook than simply collecting ‘likes’.

Together with JMB Beverages, we’ve just launched a big database/social campaign for Edenvale Alcohol Removed Wine, which uses Facebook as a channel, but has a very strong connection with the brand and their database.

You can check it out on www.celebratefeelgreat.com.au by entering the competition and see how it all works. You even have the chance to win $5000 cash, one of three iPads and a bottle of Edenvale sparkling for 100 days, as well as receive a US$200 Inside Asia Travel voucher.

If you want to know more about this topic, click here to read very interesting article about this change at Facebook and the effect it has. It is definitely worth reading.



  1. Kevin says:

    I agree leveraging your current database is far better than chasing new business.

    I am not surprised with FB move to increase its revenue as this is a free service for the user. The free is we get to use the platform while FB sells our data. Many businesses are leaving FB as the returns on the advertising is nowhere near adwords.

    I still have never clicked on a FB ad yet!

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