Everything I do Comes from Being Sincere, Honest, and Wanting my Clients to Have an Absolutely Amazing Time

by Sonja van den Bosch

Everything I do Comes from Being Sincere, Honest, and Wanting my Clients to Have an Absolutely Amazing Time

Ric Pattaro from TravelManagers is a talented travel agent who has discovered his true passion in traveling the world and helping others have the most amazing travel experiences.

I have personally experienced Ric’s great levels of service, and although I am well travelled myself, I still very much appreciate and benefit from Ric’s knowledge and his caring attitude.

When asked why Ric does what he does he says, “I’ve always been passionate about travel and I’ve always enjoyed what I do. I take ownership of the travel arrangements of my clients like it is my own trip. I ensure everything is completely seamless from start to finish. I’m accessible to my clients 24/7 so if a client is overseas and something goes wrong, nine times out of ten I’m already on top of it.”

Ric’s most satisfying moment with his business has been seeing how successful he could become working as an independent travel agent. “I’ve always held senior positions within large travel management organisations, but 4 years ago I started on my own, initially with no client base. Today, I sit as one of the top 10 in the entire TravelManagers group and there are 350 of us Australia wide. So I’m quite proud of that.”

Ric’s inspiration for traveling and entering the travel industry began long ago and has only grown stronger every day since. “I have always been inspired by the opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures and other ways of life. Today, I’m inspired by the fact that I organise other people’s travels to destinations I’ve been to. I know where the client is going, I know what to expect, and it becomes a very personal thing. I get right down to telling people where to go for dinner etc. I guess the most satisfying moments for me are when my clients come back and tell me they had a great time!”

Ric believes that to become inspirational you just have to be open, up front, and show that you really care. Everything I do comes from being sincere, honest, and wanting my clients to have an absolutely amazing time. I just do that naturally.

Ric’s business has been built from word of mouth referrals. I don’t need to spend any money in advertising, as my clients are marketing for me.

Ric concluded the interview with a few word of wisdom I believe that everyone should live by ”You’ve got to love what you do, because if you love what you do it actually comes across to your clients.” If you would like to get in touch with Ric, please or CLICK HERE 


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