Energy creates…?!

by Sonja van den Bosch

Energy creates…?!

I am a big believer in positive energy as the source of great creativity, high productivity and strong relationships. Everything you say, think or do will create a certain reaction inside you, which is what I call energy. Whether you believe in it or not, energy is everywhere around us. Once you become aware of and understand this flow of energy, you’ll be able to work with this extra dimension and effortlessly use and create more positive energy. Positive energy attracts more positive energy and all of a sudden not only you, but your whole environment becomes more energised…creativity will flow, productivity will go up and relationships will become stronger.

As I’ve personally benefited massively from dealing and working with energy (both in my business and personal life), I wanted to share this gift with my beautiful team at Twinlife Marketing.

So last week we all had a very energetic experience, facilitated by Natalie Almond from Anahata Yoga Space, who has been a great teacher and support over the years.

First of all we did some simple exercises to actually experience the energy around us. For some of us, this was the first time they became aware of this energy feel and all of a sudden it didn’t feel that foreign anymore. We also learned a lot about how to use energy to create creativity, boost productivity and build strong relationships.

20150828 Anahata Yoga Space Team1b

Creating positive energy is fun!

Want to know how? Please read on.

Energy creates creativity
The old me (pre Twinlife Marketing days) would sit at my desk for too many hours trying to force creativity – unfortunately I was stuck in a corporate job, where I had no choice. Yes it worked to a certain degree, but it definitely wasn’t the best and most time efficient way. You simply can’t force creativity.

20150828 Anahata Yoga Space Upside down

Going upside down

Now I know that I am getting my best ideas when I am upside down (who would have thought that?). When I am doing my meditation & yoga practice in the morning and I get the opportunity to stand on my head or my hands, ideas just seem to flow.

Why? Because that’s when I am in the flow and when I am in tune.

Going upside down brings me back to my childhood days, but going upside down also gives me (and also you) a different perspective of the world. Now you don’t need to start doing handstands straight away, just lay on your back and put your legs up in the air against the wall, it will have the same effect.

Knowing that my most ‘creative working hours’ are every day between 5am and 7am in the morning, even before I have hit my desk has helped me tremendously in managing my days.

Naturally, this is different for everyone, but knowing when your energy is up and when it is down, is extremely powerful, especially for strategic marketing consultants, who thrive on creativity.

Energy boosts productivity
To be productive, we need to be in the flow and our body & brain need to both work in sync with each other. A very simple technique to create a better flow between our body and our brain is proper breathing.

21050828 Anahata Yoga Space Natalie

Natalie taking us through breathing techniques

Now what do I mean by that? Don’t we all know how to breathe?

Yes, we do, but most of us, including the old me (pre Twinlife Marketing days) would breathe quite shallow (only in our chest, no deep belly breaths), which actually creates a lot of tension and blockages in the body. These blockages prevent the energy from flowing freely, hence that energy isn’t optimised.

So how can you get the energy to flow more freely throughout the day to keep productivity up?

Very simply by taking a few short time-outs throughout the day and focus on relaxing deep belly breaths. You’ll feel that the dust will start to clear and you’ll be able to think more freely.

Another very simple thing to do is move your body, just run up and down the stairs or have a walk around the block. And last, but not least, try to spend some time in nature every day. We have so many beautiful parks and beaches in Sydney at our disposal, so why not use them?

Energy builds strong relationships
I always say to my Twinlife Marketing team members, the most important thing when working with clients is not what you say, but how you make them feel. If you can use your energy to create more positive energy and to transfer this energy to other people you are on your way to building more positive and stronger relationships.

Natalie got us to experience some simple, interesting exercises that showed us how we (often without being aware) take on negative energy from others, but also how we can lift others by projecting positive energy onto them. Very simply put energy flows where attention goes, so if we focus on the positive, the energy will flow there.

Thank you to my wonderful team for being so open-minded and making it such a fun experience! And thank you to Natalie sharing all your wisdom with us.

Please share any of your positive energy tips with us. If you would like to know or learn more about this, please feel free to contact me or contact Natalie Almond from Anahata Yoga Space.

And lastly, here is my favourite quote about positive energy, it sums it all up:

‘Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction’

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  1. Ruth McCance says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.

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