Empower Construction

by Sonja van den Bosch

Empower Construction

Established in Sydney in 2007, Empower Construction specialises in all aspects of lightweight construction from advice, to supply and installation of building materials.

In the years since its inception, the team has grown substantially and their portfolio includes hundreds of successful lightweight construction projects for major clients such as, Metricon Homes, Sunland Homes and Ichijo Energy Efficient Homes.

Their name reflects their desire to create a better world for everyone whose lives are touched by their products and services. Their vision is to be the national industry leaders in lightweight construction, providing the highest quality and environmentally friendly products and services, and priding themselves on speed and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Lightweight construction was a relatively unknown term in the construction industry. Although there are various materials in the market, the industry had been largely driven by one major brand.

Our challenges were:

  • To educate the market on lightweight construction as an industry in itself, that provides a broad range of services and products with substantial benefits to builders and homeowners.
  • Change the mindset of builders who continue to use traditional methods due to lack of education.
  • Focus on solution, not product, and position Empower Construction as the experts in lightweight construction advice and installation to generate high quality leads.

Twinlife Marketing started with Empower Construction in March 2013. At that point Empower did not have a strategic marketing plan, their brand presence was not strong, and their messaging was product and service driven.

By creating clarity, we could deliver strong and clear messages to educate and engage the audience, leading to client retention and expansion of existing client work, as well as the generation of the right leads for the sales team.

The Solution

Together we formulated a strategic marketing plan to help understand the current situation and outline steps towards the company’s objectives:

  • Develop better brand messaging and apply to sales and marketing materials.
  • Enhanced the brand identity with a strong tagline that articulates the value proposition.
  • Created educational content illustrating Empower as experts their field.
  • Develop a new SEO enhanced website, including dedicated section on education, and showcasing Empower’s experience and expertise.
  • Produce regular articles for online and traditional media to further educate, build band recognition, and create media presence.
  • Align social media to build brand awareness online and educate a broader audience to generate leads.
  • Development of a customer journey map, and create processes and materials to enhance the customers’ experience.
  • Ongoing one-to-one communications to drive retention.
  • Development and testing of strategic acquisition campaigns as part of the sales cycle, using education and benefits as triggers.
  • Develop targeted campaigns to cross sell products and services to existing clients.
  • Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to supports customer lifecycle information for sales and marketing.
  • Design and create content for regular ongoing communications.
  • Set up regular marketing reporting, analysis, and strategy review process to ensure objectives and strategies continue to align with the business.
  • Educate the Empower team and embed a marketing culture throughout the business.
  • Create and implement marketing processes and procedures for sustained marketing outcomes.

The Result

Twinlife Marketing completely integrated with the Empower team to build a very strong partnership.

Our marketing resulted in building strong brand awareness and alignment of the sales and marketing teams to generate and convert quality leads. We were regularly published in media, and have built a solid reputation as the industry experts in advising and supplying lightweight construction. During this time, Empower won a number of new clients’, include large-scale projects, which saw them expand their construction team.

Empower’s partner brands benefited from the marketing, firmly establishing Empower as a highly valuable partner. Our goal to own the lightweight construction space is recognised through our high ranking on Google organic, and Empower Construction were thrilled to be listed on the prestigious, 2014 BRW Fast 100.

Processes for consistent communications and marketing were embed into the business, and they continue to see great results.

Client testimonial

Sonja and her wonderful team at Twinlife Marketing are the experts in their field. We love working the team, making great progress on firmly establishing our brand within the construction industry. They have been wonderful marketing mentors for us, assisting in creating a solid marketing strategy for our company. We highly value the partnership and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future!

Ryan Steyn
Managing Director

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