When Dreams Come True

by Sonja van den Bosch

When Dreams Come True

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a person with a remarkable dream. Andre Quin, co-founder of JGID – Just Get It Done!, is setting out to change the way Tradesmen manage and operate their businesses.

Just like Richard’s Branson’s Virgin brand, JGID was born out of frustration. After using several job management programs and finding none were meeting the company’s needs, and trialling various other options, Andre decided it was time to get something custom designed.

Doing it Better

Being an experienced business owner with an industrial abseiling and a building company, Andre is no stranger to the trade industry so, in 2012 he set out to create his own job management software and hired a team of Australian developers for Abseilers United, spent a considerable sum and was subsequently left with a program that was full of bugs and slow – a complete flop as Andre puts it.

After letting go of the developers, Andre was introduced, via email to Manuel Giger, who he calls the Mozart of software developers who was in Switzerland.

It’s always darkest before the dawn

Andre is very passionate about SME businesses and wants to help business owners reclaim some of their time. He realised how lucky he is to be able to spend time with his young son when many SME owners leave home early and return late often missing out on precious family time.

Ironically it was the death of Quin’s beloved grandfather just 3 days before his birthday in July 2013 that has assisted him in starting JGID.
The Quin family were on holiday in Switzerland to see family and meet Manuel Giger when Andre received news that his grandfather, for who he was the primary carer, had taken a turn for the worse and that it would be best if he came back to Australia. Without hesitation, he was on the next available flight to be with his grandfather.

After his grandfather’s death, Andre received an inheritance that made it possible to realise the JGID software dream. Andre brought Manuel to Sydney to initially map out the structure and design of JGID and the two men formed a close connection that resulted in Manuel becoming Chief Technology Officer of JGID.

The dream

The night before his birthday in 2013, Andre had a vivid dream in which he saw JGID guiding SME businesses towards sustainable business. In his dream, he clearly saw the 7-step process that is his guiding light and passion. The day of his birthday he awoke at 4am and quickly sent over 10 text messages to his best friend and business partner Stan outlining exactly what JDIG will be doing and thus expanding the direction of the company. His team and family found out about his vision for the business at a surprise party that was held for him later that afternoon.

During the process of steering JGID towards their goals, Andre and his team have had many insights. Most notably, Andre says he’s learnt most people have good intentions and believe that it is important businesses move to be become sustainable.

However, many small businesses are owned by parents who grapple with keeping their business afloat and paying bills on time. They are not able to invest in green business processes. Many are also simply too overwhelmed and can’t see how they can make a difference. For others, it’s a lack of time, vision and/or education.

Just Get It Done!

And this is exactly where JGID adds value. The software is user-friendly, intuitive, and provides the versatility needed to deal with the constant everyday changes of scenario every business faces. The emphasis is on innovation to improve business management and helping people succeed, and improving the world we live in through sustainable business practices and a focus on alternative energy sources.
JGID’s mission is to showcase and communicate a powerful business system that enables tradespeople to streamline current processes and improve profitability and business success.

Memorable moments

  • JGID sponsored the UNSW solar racing team “Sunswift”. The team are working on eVe, soon to be Australia’s first road legal solar car.
  • Attending Change Makers Rule Breakers after being invited by some of Sir Richard Branson’s friends, Andre spent a week on Necker Island discussing ideas, meeting like-minded people and have extensive conversations.
  • Winning the Technology Innovation award at the 2015 AusClean event over 7 other technology companies less than one month of launching the software to market.

Towards 0% Emissions and Waste

Looking to the future, Andre is excited about seeing his dream come true and proving that sustainability in business is possible. Since launching in August 2015, JGID keeps growing its community of happy customers and is working toward scaling the business to reach Stage 3 of Andre’s dream.

If you are interested in learning more about JGID, are a tradie who would like to become a member of the JGID Community, or you would like to discuss becoming a preferred JGID trades supplier, then please contact Andre by clicking here.

“It’s important that you know instinctively that you can do it better [ than someone else can]. If you come up with an idea that will have positive impact, the figures [dollars] will follow. It’s very rare that special things go bust, sometimes they do, but it’s rare.” – Sir Richard Branson





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