David Fox – General Manager LA Services

by Sonja van den Bosch

David Fox – General Manager LA Services

“After 37 years in business LA Services made a choice to begin a marketing journey. Like many family owned manufacturing SME’s the idea of establishing such a function was foreign and somewhat frightening.

Once engaged, the strategic marketing process was unwrapped through a professional research program. The resulting plan and its proposed delivery was then communicated in a language we understood. We are now working on execution through a partnership model with our passionate, and dedicated marketing strategist, who guides, leads and mentors us on what has become an enjoyable and educational journey.

As a business leader I am deeply impressed with the culture Sonja has imbedded in Twinlife. She personally values being truthful, authentic and trusting, and all these attributes are reflected by her team at every interaction. The trust she places in her team to always do their best is underpinned by a simple principle which allows her team to find the right balance between stimulating work and valuable family time.

The Twinlife Marketing team is truly an inspiring group of people to be around and have redefined the way I think about culture, values and delivering employee happiness.”

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